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No doubt that players are loving the exceptional table and card games at Lucky VIP. Charming gameplay, deluxe ambience and high level of entertainment are to be encountered while playing on the casino games. Despite the tries of many casino sites around, they have not reached the level of the original casino site. That is because Lucky VIP offers the Live Dealer section where entertainment is brought to a whole new height!

Live Dealer?

Yes! Live Dealer is a unique variation of the traditional table and card games. Featuring popular ones like Blackjack, Roulette amongst many others, you are going have your senses enthralled through such praiseworthy gameplay. As soon as you drop by a Live Dealer game, you will experience technology and entertainment at the same time. Live Dealer games are live streamed table games with a real-life dealer. You are offered options to chat, place bets, set your moves while totally immersed in the realistic atmosphere. Is the Live Dealer Games the most incredible game? Well, it might be!

Food For Thought…

Ever wondered who makes these awesome games that are popular around the internet? Hmmm… it is good to ask this question! Lucky VIP is proposing to answer it through an exclusive page dedicated to that professional software developer that crafted the top Live Dealer games at its site. Presenting the most phenomenal software developer; Say yes to Net Entertainment.

The Software!

Also known as NetEnt, this leading professional software developer and game provider has had a long-lasting legacy of providing the best casino games around the market. Not only slots, but it has also perfectioned terrific variations of table and card games as well. Now, you are presented with their outstanding Live Dealer adaptations at Lucky VIP. Feel free to drop by the Live Dealer NetEnt page every time you wish to have someone of a kind entertainment.

The Background

You know what they do? Digital Entertainment! In fact, NetEnt has been around for 20 years, perfectly crafting the best games to suit the preferences of all players. Being a premium software provider, they are known as the true pioneers in fuelling the market with outstanding casino games that are powered by its latest software. NetEnt does not only supply games at random! The casino games are 100% compliant and are licensed as well.

At Lucky VIP…

Here, NetEnt has kept its promise of offering deluxe variations of classic table and card games. Available in live versions, Blackjack, Roulette and plenty more are set at your disposal. Simply click to be able to entertain yourself as if you were in a real casino! On these prime releases of NetEnt, you will encounter high-quality graphics, captivating background soundtracks, realistic designs and of course… charming ladies and gentlemen. Truly, hats off NetEnt for paying attention to such crucial sensory details that plunge players in a whole new realm of the casino! Since the talk is about NetEnt and its games, why not spare a few moments to go over some of the top releases? You are going to love it!


You must be acquainted with this sensational card game that is still thrilling players to the core! Also known as the 21 Game, it has become the most popular table game of casinos. Blackjack simply looks confusing and complex but in fact, it is simple and incredibly entertaining. Are you new to blackjack? Even if you are not, you might fancy a refresher about the standard rules!

Blackjack is played between players and the dealer. Everyone, including the dealer, is dealt with two cards. One by one, the cards will be evaluated on their scores and the one who is nearer to 21 wins provided they have not exceeded 21. There are moves available that allow you to tend your hand and increase the card scores, stay idle and split hands as well. Getting an ace and a card that amounts to 10 points is considered a natural hand… or a Blackjack. Hence, it bears the name! Tadaaa!

Here you are, you just got briefed on the standard rules of this casino game. How about giving a try and putting your new-found knowledge to practice? Find out more about Blackjack variants and try to play Live Blackjack, Live Blackjack Professional or Live Common Draw Blackjack at lucky VIP.


Time to turn the wheel! Roulette is the embodiment that even accidents can be pleasant! That is because, according to historians, the first roulette wheel was invented by accident. By Blaise Pascal, he named it Roulette that stands for the little wheel in French. What was an experiment of physics, became one of the best table game around the internet. 

Roulette involves a wheel and a play table where bets are placed. Before the game starts, the croupier will open the bets and players are to place their chips on numbers they deem lucky enough to win! Once done, the croupier turns the Roulette wheel and launches the ball in the opposite direction. The number pocket that holds the ball at the end of the rotation is declared the winner! Throughout variations, the number of numbers, betting options and number of balls have changed.

You can enjoy some adaptations of Live Roulette by NetEnt like Live Auto Roulette, Live Roulette La Partage, Live French Roulette and many others. Got a lucky number? Try wagering on it on the next round. Who knows, it may bring you some rewards!

Set To Try NetEnt?

An extensive list of Live Dealer games by NetEnt is at your disposal. Are you ready to grab a chair and have a round of Blackjack or you prefer some French style Roulette? Make your choice and get started on your mobile, tablet or desktop device.

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