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Why is Blackjack so popular, you might ask? It all comes down to its simple rules and the way the gameplay balances skill and luck. Blackjack is known to have a history and it still prevails today, through online variations. With the help of technology, you may now enjoy Blackjack as in a real casino, all thanks to Live Blackjack.

The card game is no longer restricted to the tables of casinos. Stand the chance to win real money by sparing some rounds of live dealer blackjack at Lucky VIP. We are offering multiple titles of this live casino game for players of different levels!


Lucky VIP loves casino games… just like you do! This is why you can expect to land on only the best live blackjack online on the market when you are a member of the cashback casino. We have kept our collection of casino games, including live roulette and live blackjack games, updated with the latest titles of Evolution Gaming and Authentic Gaming. New player or used to casino games, you are pampered for choice if you choose to play Live Dealer Blackjack with Lucky VIP.


Chasing a total of 21 has never been so fun! In fact, Blackjack is also known as the twenty-one number game and there are good reasons for this. The game aims to beat the score of the dealer’s hand but without exceeding 21 points. That’s right… you will be playing against the dealer.

Now, you must have noticed that loads of emphasis are set on the scores. How can cards carry scores? In Live Blackjack online, cards carry certain points that are totalled to get the final score. Aces are worth 11 or 1 point. Two to Ten cards are worth their face number. Kings, Queens, and Jacks are all worth 10 points.

Now how does a round of Live Casino Blackjack takes place? When you are connected to the Blackjack table, the dealer will greet you… Take a seat on one of the empty spots and start by setting the bets of your choice. All players should bet before the card dealing starts. Players are dealt two face-up cards while the dealer holds one face-up and one face-down card. After the initial deal, each player takes turns to decide moves that will best suit their hand. The following moves are possible in online live blackjack.

  • Hit: You take an extra card in an attempt to increase your hand score. You can hit as much as you like. Remember… if you reach over 21 points, you lose.
  • Stand: You’re good with what you have and your turn ends.
  • Double Down: Double the bet and take one card only.
  • Split: This move is possible only if you have pairs. You can split your hand into 2. An equal bet will be applied to the second hand and you can Hit or Stand on both hands as you prefer.

After players, the dealer plays; either hitting or standing on their hand. In some variations of Live Dealer Blackjack, dealers should always Hit if their score is less than 10. If the dealer exceeds 21, players win. If the dealer has got a score better than players, the dealer wins.

Players who manage to achieve a score of exactly 21 with their 2 initial cards are known to have a natural hand… or a Blackjack. This is possible with an Ace and a 10 point card.


Blackjack has got both! Both of these elements come into play in every variation of blackjack. And how are both luck and skill involved in Blackjack games? It’s simple... Skill comes where you need to act. Will you choose to hit or stand on your hand? What if you receive a card that exceeds 21 since you are on a score of 17. This is where luck comes into action. Either you will get the right cards to win the round… or it will be in the favour of the dealer. All that cannot be controlled in a game of Blackjack is left in the hands of luck. All that can be controlled is left in your skillful hands.


Since Live Casino Blackjack is so popular, there should be some tips and tricks on how to maximise the wins? No tips can guarantee you wins, but they sure can help you minimise losses or take better decisions. Check out these tips before you play live blackjack.

  • Do Not Chase Losses: Never bet swiftly… think well before you wager! In acts of haste, you might want to chase your losses and end up losing more. We can give you a percentage back of the losses through our cashback offer but not all of them.
  • Apply Logic: If you got a score of 20, you wouldn’t want to hit your hand… because there are higher chances of losing the round than winning. As such, it will be wiser to stand than hit. Apply some logic behind every action in blackjack and you might win more rounds.
  • Know The Game: Sometimes you might simply need to understand the various options of Live Casino Blackjack to make the most out of your gaming. Learn the basics, check the table limits, and practice with some bonuses if possible.


Insurance Bets are unlocked whenever the dealer receives an Ace as its initial card. The aim behind the Insurance bet is that in the event the dealer has a ten-point card face down, you will get back your wagers. In the event the facedown card is not a ten-point card, the side bet is forfeited.

There are many other side bets when you play Live Blackjack online variations. Some of the popular ones include Perfect Pairs which rewards you for getting a pair on your initial hand, Royal Hands if there’s royal suits, Lucky Ladies if the player’s initial hand totals 20, and Match The Dealer whereboth players and dealer has the same cards.


Ready for the grand slam of Live Dealer Blackjack? Discover the best live blackjack games at Lucky VIP as we keep on updating our list with more games. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Live Blackjack VIP: With a table wager ranging between £50 to £1,000, Live Blackjack VIP ensures that the exclusivity remains on point for those who love to play live blackjack online. Enjoy the classic rounds, but with a touch of style with this one.
  • Live Blackjack Classic: Classics are always a treat around Lucky VIP. Enjoy the authentic Live Blackjack experience without any extra. A perfect fit for those who prefer to stick to the traditional version of games.
  • Live Blackjack Diamond: The epitome of live blackjack online! If blackjack had white collars, then Live Blackjack Diamond will be the whitest. With this version, share the table with high rollers that seek to compete for the best hand. It holds a table range of £1,000 to £10,000.
  • Live Blackjack Fortune VIP: Exclusivity meets glamour with Live Blackjack Fortune VIP. Evolution Gaming lets you dive into the elegant layout of the live game hosted by only professional dealers. This is the closest that one can get to the special Salon Privé.


Online Live Blackjack lies just one click away. Expect the lineup of all the great titles when you are a member of the cashback casino online. Ready to try some rounds of the card game and discover what the deck has for you this time? Don’t forget to explore other equally entertaining table and card games such as Live Baccarat and Live Poker.

Want to check out other games offered by Lucky VIP? Browse through our catalogue of games that reunites the best of jackpot slots, scratch and arcade games and slingo!

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