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Live Blackjack – The Jack Of All Games!

This one does not need any real introduction! Blackjack is one of those casino games that could be nearly on the tip of the tongue of casino enthusiasts. It’s long last reputation and legacy still thrive to this day. As such, Blackjack is the number one selection for fervent players. Any quick round of classic Blackjack is enough to keep the punters on the edge of their seats. However, if you’re looking for some unparalleled Blackjack gameplay, then you’ve just knocked at the right door! Here, there’s an online Blackjack variant for every taste!

The Array Of Live Blackjack Variants At Lucky VIP

Welcome to THE collection of Live Blackjack that lives luxury and breathes entertainment. Exclusively at Lucky VIP, experience Live Blackjack like nowhere else! And yes, you’re provided with the best around here! Explore the dynamic gameplay of Live Blackjack Pro, Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller, Live Common Draw Blackjack here! Yep, right here! And it is not out of luck that these top titles found a place at Lucky VIP.

In fact, these deluxe Live Blackjack variations are offering an enjoyable gameplay! Thanks to the vivid HD imagery to be encountered during their gameplay. As they mark a difference in the traditional, digitalised versions of Blackjack, players might instantly become a fan of these wondrous delights at Lucky VIP. Now, don’t keep those sizzling card games waiting on the list. Cherry-pick the ones you deem wonderful and get started!

A Look At The Splendour Of Live Blackjack

What is so fantastic about Live Blackjack that it thrills players like that? Well, it’s no magic… pure science! The quality of Live Blackjack games available at Lucky VIP is premium! They exhibit sensational graphics and animations, depict the most vivid details and manage to captivate all the details on camera. Each game ensures that its fantastic ways are one step ahead.

You might be wondering, how is it possible that Live Games are brought to your screen at the snap of the fingers? Well, professional recording systems are used to capture the scene, and everything is streamed live to your screen using advanced online software. Any bet that you’ll place will appear instantly on the studio’s billboard, allowing the dealers to know where you’re seated and how much you’ve wagered.

Nope… the dealer is not a robot! This one is a real dealer! These are dedicated experts of Live Blackjack and are here only to manage the tables and ensure that the games go as expected. Their exceptional knowledge on the rules of Blackjack, outstanding courtesy and friendly mindset allows an interactive touch to the Live Blackjack games. Want to start some chit-chat with the dealer? Aha! There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Feel free to use the Live Chat option and communicate with the real dealer. Just make sure not to fall for their dashing smile!

How Is Live Blackjack Played?

Hmmm… that’s a nice question you have there, player! But worry not, there is nothing to worry about the rules of playing Live Blackjack. In fact, all those lavishing variations of Live Blackjack revolve around the classic rules of the card game. Are you new to Blackjack? No worries… here’s what you need to know!

Blackjack, just like Live Blackjack, is played around a table… and with the charming dealer! Each round, players are to wager and then two cards are dealt with the players and dealer alike. Usually, the dealer has one card face up and one face down. On Blackjack, you will need to count cards in order to determine wins. Each card carries a certain score which is gathered, and the final score is evaluated.

Aces carry 1 or 11 points. Two to tens carry their face values. Kings, Queens and Jacks are all carriers of 10 points. To win at Blackjack, you will need to get closer or equal to a total score of 21 but you can’t go overboard. Any score higher than 21 is known as a busted hand. But that’s not the only challenge. Your score should be better than that of the dealer as well!

How about trying out some rounds of Live Blackjack? You might be able to put your freshly acquired knowledge to practice!

Play Live Blackjack At Lucky VIP!

Just reading will not allow you to enjoy the splendid gameplay of Live Blackjack! You will need to act! And the right time to get thrilled your senses with some rounds of blackjack is when you want it. Grab a seat at any of those incredible Live Blackjack variations before they’re house-full! Such games are surely promising much more than some Blackjacks and exciting moments. But wait! To be able to play Live Blackjack at Lucky VIP, you’ll need to register for an account!

Registration is easy-peasy! A simple and straight-to-the-point e-form is to be completed to have your very own account at the online gaming arena. Thinking of depositing? If it’s your first time, be ready to pocket a sensational welcome bonus! In fact, the freebie is not limited to your first deposit! It stretches to your second and third one as well! Feel free to claim the welcome bonuses and play additional rounds of Live Blackjack. Seriously… it’s worth it! 

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