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Live Casino – Realism At Its Finest!

Table games might be the most anticipated form of entertainment when players land on casino sites. Well, casino sites are emerging at every nook and corner of the internet. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you can have that same gameplay… that same ambience and those same moments at home? Good news! Lucky VIP is here to bring that unparalleled amusement right onto your screen via the Live Casino! It is time to get your clicks or taps ready for this variation of table games!

A Step In The Future Of Gaming!

Live Casino; not a mystery for many but still a surprising fact for some. Since its advent, it has not ceased to amaze players with its rather unique gameplay. Common, automatic ones are amusing, yes, but none can match the Live Casino. Have a favourite type of table game? Consider playing its Live version. You will plunge in a realistic world where the fun takes a new turn. Live dealers, players, awesome options and to top it off, a realistic atmosphere makes it the best variant.

Live Casino are a product of technology, in fact it’s a gem! To witness it, simply tune in this exclusive page whenever you wish to have some fun and select the game you want to play. Once loaded, you will be surprised to see a live dealer handling the table. Watch out! That’s a real human! As soon as you will enter the game, the dealer will greet you. Want to reply to this act of courtesy? Be the charmer as you are by clicking onto the text field and type your words finishing it with a send! This chat option is available throughout the game and you can utilise it to chat with the dealer and players alike. Come on, if someone got a win, don’t hesitate to send your congratulations.

Wait that’s not all to be expected on a round of Live Casino games. The realistic ambience and the HD visuals are indeed a plus. You will hear players quibbling, the clattering sounds of nearby roulette games, see animated background and everything else that makes it like a real casino. Feel free to immerse in the gameplay and enjoy as a real player playing in a real casino.

Cutting Edge Software!

These outstanding Live Casino games are the results of professionals! Top leading software developers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming amongst others have crafted these top games. Motive? Entertainment! On this exceptional page dedicated to the Live Casino games, you will come across their brilliant works that may make you crave for more online gaming sessions at Lucky VIP!

Hmmm… What Games To Play?

Get ready to be stunned! A dozen of variations of tip-top casino games; Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat are placed at your disposal. Prefer some card rounds or a little roulette play? Make sure you try these Live Casino games while resorting to Lucky VIP for fun. How about sparing a few minutes for a little glimpse of the live versions of these terrific casino games? Seriously, it is going to be worth a while.

Roulette – French For Little Wheel!

This popular table game has not stopped to get itself in the limelight. Created back in the days by Blaise Pascal, it has, since then become a form of entertainment in casinos. Being an online casino, Lucky VIP brings to your screens this phenomenal game as well. In fact, it is available under the Live Casino page. Roulette has a quite simple gameplay, but the betting options and styles vary. Here, you can select between dozens of variants like Live La Partage Auto Roulette, Live Rocket Roulette, Live French Roulette amongst many others. New to Roulette? No worries, dear friend! Here is a brief description of the gameplay.

 Say yes to roulette and start hurling your chips on the play area, of course on the number you like. The wheel will turn, and the croupier will, in his turn, hurl a roulette ball in the wheel. The number pocket that embraces the ball at the end of the turn is the winner. If you had wagered on the winning number, you win prizes according to the paytable! Simple.

Blackjack – The 21 Point Game!

Did you try Blackjack today? Blackjack is a fad! Casino lovers seem to spare a few rounds of Blackjack every now and then whenever they visit a casino. You can explore the gameplay of this fascinating game as well, right in your home! That also, in a live version. Well, at Lucky VIP, you are presented with a live variant of Blackjack as well. Funny but the live variation has its own variations. Tune on this exclusive page to play one of the most famous game of casinos. You are presented with Live Blackjack Professional, Live Common Draw Blackjack, Live Blackjack amongst many others.

But… how are the newbies going to play if they are unaware of Blackjack rules? Rest assured, you are informed here! Blackjack is played along with the dealer. Players and dealer will be dealt two cards. If a player has their card score not exceeding 21 and better than the dealer, they win the round. But why blackjack? Well, an ace and a face card are known as a natural hand or… Blackjack. So… it’s called Blackjack!

Much More To Explore!

At the Live Casino page of Lucky VIP, you can have a whole array of Live Games waiting to be played. All you need to do is select the ones you need, and you are good to go. Experience the real feel of a real casino through the online casino’s top games. One thing is for sure! If you are looking for the best casino games around, then Lucky VIP is the ideal spot!

Oh yes, new players are being rewarded with an exclusive Welcome offer on their first deposit. Ready to play at Lucky VIP? Try starting by some majestic Live Casino games…

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