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Slingo games came from the USA! They dominated the gaming market for years, especially when it was being fuelled by the software of Slingo Originals. Since 2018, Slingo reached the UK, creating a buzz as soon as it went online. Enjoy this novel game style at Lucky VIP as we bring you the greatest titles to play slingo for real money. 


What are Slingo games and how do they work?

Slingo is a mash-up between online slots and bingo. That’s right… you can find elements from both, slot games and the very entertaining bingo games as well on Slingo. There are multiple variations of slingo games, each differing in concepts. However, there are times that the game provider showed great innovation with its gameplay and rules. 

While most slingo games feature grids to mark off numbers (just like bingo games) and reels (same as slots), some Slingos are based more on the symbols that you land. Just like online scratch and arcade games, Slingo games offer instant win prizes. 

At Lucky VIP, we love to give you the right kind of games for your entertainment. If you are in the mood to try this innovative game, then browse through our list of Slingo bingo. Over 24 examples are waiting for you at the online cashback casino

The basic aim is to complete lines by marking off matching numbers on your grid. We will explain more about the rules below. 


How to play Slingo? 

It’s easy! Take a pick from our long list of Slingo games. We recommend choosing the title that suits you. Whether you like games based on the Egyptians or prefer retro games - you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Get started by choosing the wager of your choice. Most games will offer you a board with grids. The latter will be filled with numbers, just like on a bingo card. The aim is simple. You need to complete lines, also known as Slingos, by marking off the numbers on the grid. 

How do I mark them off, you say? With each spin, a selection of numbers will be drawn. If a number matches one on the grid, it is marked off. Completing lines will allow you to climb up the prize ladder. This means more completed lines and better rewards! 

Look out for the bonus symbols as well… These are special cards that add to the thrill of the game. The most common bonus symbols is the Joker. Jokers will mark off a random number on the column it appears in. Its big brother, the Super Joker, will allow you to mark off any number on any column. 

Other bonus symbols include the Free Spins card (the name says it all), the Cash Prize (again, the name says it all.), and the bad Devil symbol. The devil card blocks numbers from appearing under the column. They are bad for sure but add extra excitement to Slingo games! 


What are the most popular Slingo games? 

Even if there are many Slingo games to try at Lucky VIP Casino, we are offering you some of the most popular ones that manage to keep players entertained. Looking for suggestions to play Slingo bingo? Here’s what we recommend: 


  • Slingo Classic: Witness the classic gameplay of Slingo on this traditional variation. Gracefully combining the elements of bingo and slots, play Slingo Classic where a 5x5 grid and the usual rules await. For the most authentic Slingo experience, Slingo classic is the way to go. Features to look out for are the special Jokers, Devils, and Free Spins.
  • Slingo Rainbow Riches: No need to introduce players to Rainbow Riches – this game needs no introduction! But let us seize this moment to present Slingo Rainbow Riches, the Slingo game is based on the popular Irish slot series. This version brings back the thrills of the leprechauns in the form of bonuses such as Magic Toadstool, Wishing Well Bonus, and Road To Riches Bonus. 
  • Slingo Centurion: Turn back time, to the height of the Roman Empire, with Slingo Centurion. It includes the fun rules of Slingo, from the marking off of numbers to the Jokers and Free Spins symbols. But to add to all this, expect some bonus features which give you multipliers, free spins, and cash prizes.
  • Slingo Riches: The 5x5 grid welcomes you to Slingo Riches. But the grid is not the only element to be found here. The likes of Super Jokers, Free Spins, Coins, and Devil symbols are all joining the party! Slingo your way towards entertainment with your spins on the instant win game. The traditional rules of Slingo bingo are included in this one. 


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Slingo games are vibrant and easy to play. If you enjoy a laid-back and casual style of gaming, then we recommend Slingo games online. Now that you know what it’s all about, how about you register at and begin playing Slingo for real money? Our online casino also brings you the best Live Casino games, slots, and table and card games.

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