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It is believed that Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, is the inventor of roulette games in the 17th century. As a matter of fact, roulette means small wheel in French! In fact, this well-known philosopher was trying to figure the perpetual motion when he mistakenly created the first roulette game, which has now become one of the most played casino game.

The game of Roulette which was first created with only one zero and 36 numbers, either black or red, is considered as a standard game in most casinos. However, throughout the years, this game which is played with a wheel and a betting table has evolved into a few variations where some include double zeros to improve house advantage while others have added further rules that add more drama to the game.

Online Roulette

The general concept of playing roulette has remained the same after more than 2 centuries, where you can place your bet on numbers or range of numbers, colours, or odd or even numbers. You have the freedom to place more than one type of inside or outside bets at a time while playing online roulette. To know the winning number and colour, the wheel is spun in one direction while a ball is spun in the opposite direction at the circumference of the wheel until the ball loses momentum to fall into one of the numbered pockets.

The different types of bet available on online roulette are Straight, Split, Corner, Street, Special Line, Dozens, Odd or Even, Red or Black, Column, High or Low. There are also different rules which need to be followed while playing roulette games, but these changes depending on the type of roulette game you are playing. Some of the most common rules are Surrender, La Partage or Maximum and Minimum Stakes.

The roulette game is considered as the queen of both land-based and online casinos. This is mainly because this game does not require much strategy and a large variety of betting options. Unlike card games, online roulette games cannot be mathematically calculated. There are indeed no chances of really beating the odds in roulette, as the wheel has no imbalances. Hence why roulette games are also known as the Devil’s Wheel.

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