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We care about you, and as part of our player protection measures, we’ve introduced a new tool to help our players enjoy our games in a safe and enjoyable manner. From 12th February, you may notice a few changes to the information displayed on site, especially when looking for promotions or bonuses.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty so you know what to expect. Our Player Protection monitors gaming behaviour taking place on your account, and if there are any drastic changes in your play, then your account could be flagged for a review by our Safer Gambling Team.

If this happens, one of the outcomes may be that you won’t be able to view any promotions or offers on site. We don’t want to incentivise you to play beyond your means, or deposit more than you might be able to afford to lose, This won’t be a permanent restriction, and once your activity has been recognised as having returned to a stable pattern, then you’ll be able to receive your offers again as normal.

Here are some common behaviours that form part of the legislation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Gambling Commission regulation?

The Gambling Commission has stipulated that all gambling operators are required to interact with customers in a way that minimises the risk of customers experiencing harm associated with gambling. This has been set out in Social Responsibility Code 3.4.3 of the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP). Included within this regulation specifically, as a responsible operator, we are required to prevent accounts from taking part in new promotions should those accounts be deemed to be showing signs of potential harmful play (Markers of Harm), so as not to incentivise activity further.

Why can’t I see any offers on the Promotions Page?

Your account is currently restricted from taking up new promotions, due to our Player Protection Monitoring system identifying potentially risky behaviours. During this period, which will last a minimum of 48 hours, you won’t receive any promotions and offers until your activity has been shown to have returned to a more appropriate level. This action is taken in line with the latest regulations from the Gambling Commission.

When will I receive promotions and offers again?

Your activity will be reviewed automatically each day and once your activity on site has been shown to return to an appropriate level, you’ll be able to make the most of any promotions and offers available to you.  In the interest of protecting our players, restrictions will last a minimum of 48 hours

Will it affect how I play on site?

No, your  regular play won’t be interrupted or affected in any way. You can still deposit, withdraw and play as normal, however our safer gambling teams may be required to interact with you following a review of your account, and as a result may temporarily block your ability to log in or deposit whilst attempting to speak to you.

I’ve already Opted-In to a promotion, will I still qualify?

Yes, if you’ve met the criteria or have begun wagering towards a promotion, you will still qualify for any offers that you have previously opted in to. Once the qualifying criteria is completed, any promotions or events you have opted into will be honoured.

What if I play across multiple sites?

To make sure you are protected consistently across all your accounts, new promotions and offers will be restricted across all brands owned by Rank Interactive. These brands are as follows: Grosvenor Casino, Mecca Bingo, Mecca Games, Bella Casino, Lucky VIP, Magical Vegas, Regal Wins, Rialto Casino, Spin and Win, The Vic, Kitty Bingo, Lucky Pants Bingo.

Will my account status be affected as a member of your loyalty programme?

Not to worry, your loyalty levels across any of the applicable programmes will not be impacted by this restriction, however you will notice that some recurring promotions will not be available to you, as these will be treated as “new” should they begin a new qualifying period.

What else do I need to know?

Whilst this restriction is only applied to bonuses and promotions, we encourage you to review your account activity as a whole and if needed refer to our safer gambling toolkit if needed, which is available through your account section. This will allow you to review limits on the amount you spend on site, or place blocks on your accounts for certain periods of time through a Take a Break or Self Exclusion.

Responsible Gaming

If you’d like more information on the options available to you, or want to discuss your account in further detail, please visit the Contact area of the website, where you can chat with an advisor or email a query to us.

We’re committed to responsible gaming and want to make sure that you keep it fun and play within your limits on our website. We offer various services to help you stay in control.

Take a break

If you wish to take a temporary break from gambling, you can choose to Take a Break for a specified time period.

Deposit Limit

You can choose the maximum amount that you wish to deposit on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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