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Online casinos are already packed with players trying their luck on different games such as slots, live roulette and even baccarat. But now, you have the chance to enjoy the ultimate Baccarat online experience with our collection of Live Dealer Baccarat games. Experience the card game and its thrilling gameplay through the device of your choice. Believe it or not, there are hardcore reasons why you should try some rounds on this game.

You might be wondering, why should I play Live Baccarat at Or maybe thinking what is baccarat? Well, we are answering all your questions right here.


Live Baccarat keeps you on the edge of your seats while taking the gameplay to new heights. Because Lucky VIP loves to offer you only the finest online gaming, the cashback casino has ensured that you only get the best Live Baccarat games to play. As such, expect great titles from Evolution Gaming if you choose to play live Baccarat online at Lucky VIP.

Play Live Baccarat whenever you want, without the need to worry about your safety and security. The casino site has ensured all transactions, game history, and your funds remain secure at all times. The casino prides itself on being a licensed casino committed to quality online gaming. Try Live Casino games that are safe and secure at Lucky VIP.


This might be the big question on your mind. It is fairly easy to get the grasp of Live Baccarat. If you’re a rookie or just need a refresher on Live Baccarat, we are here to help you!

Live Baccarat uses a standard deck of 52 cards. Before the game begins, players are asked to put their stakes on three possible outcomes of the round. Either the player or the banker will emerge as the winner - or it will be a Tie. The game aims to wager on the option that you think might reach a score closer to nine. If you think that the score will be the same between the banker and the player, then you might want to wager on the Tie option.

Scores are determined by the cards obtained by each option. Each card carries its own set of numbers. Aces to Tens carry their face value as the points. Kings, Queen, and Jacks are all worth 0 points. Most of the time, two cards are dealt on each hand. The final score is a sum of the two card values, which is used to determine which option will win. For scores that reach above 9, the first digit of the sum is dropped. So, a total score of 17 will become 7 and a score of 20 will become 0.

Online Live Baccarat shares all the rules of classic baccarat. But it brings another level in authentic gameplay. You get to enjoy the same casino-like ambience from the comfort of your home, in total HD! Connect with a real dealer, real players, and play Live Baccarat for real money! A chat option adds an immersive element, allowing you to chat with the dealer and players alike.


It’s a fact… There’s not only one variation of a table and card game these days. Online game providers are having loads of fun experimenting with traditional games. While baccarat is the general name for the game, there are multiple forms for this top game. One of the most familiar is Punto Banco. What’s the difference between these two?

Punto Banco is the most standardised version of Baccarat. Like, the basic one! It is known to be the most common form of Baccarat, where players need to bet on either the Player, The Banker, or play for the Tie.

Baccarat Chemin De Fer is the original version. It is played with multiple players where one of them will be declared the Banker. The goal of the game is to take over the bank by beating his hand.

The differences between the two baccarat versions are:

  • Punto Banco is the simplified version of baccarat, which is why it is the most popular.
  • Punto Banco lets every player bet on either the Banker, Player, or a Tie. On Chemin De Fer, players can only bet on the hand of the player option.
  • Chemin De Fer lets bankers change every time they lose a hand.
  • Punto Banco has standard rules – the rules are similar almost everywhere.


We are bringing you closer than ever to the greatest Live Dealer Baccarat games at Lucky VIP. As such, expect to find the following games to thrill your senses in all the right ways.

  • Live Baccarat Control Squeeze – Evolution: Delve into this game that comes with multiple cameras covering the casino floor. With Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, you are in for the traditional baccarat rules that have been simplified - in other words, Punto Banco. The game offers two side bets - the Banker Pair and the Player Pair.
  • Live No Commission Baccarat – Evolution: 5% commission is said to be taken on all banker bets on many online Baccarat games. However, with this one, Evolution made sure to remove this element and prevent the bankers to take any commission – Thus, we have Live No Commission Baccarat! You get to enjoy this live casino game at
  • Live Lightning Baccarat – Evolution: Witness another variation of Live Baccarat online in this top game. This appears to be a regular baccarat game, but there are the Lightning Cards that may generate multipliers. Lighting cards are determined at random and this can further add to the excitement of the already thrilling Baccarat games.


Join the growing number of members at Lucky VIP, the cashback casino online. You can make the most of the cashback offers that are quite handy for new and professional players trying Live Dealer Baccarat. Ready to start choosing your sides? Will it be the Banker or the Player?

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