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Newlette Classic

Newlette Classic

Newlette Classic is a casino game, which is powered by Newlette itself! Once you load up the game, the first task is to select which room you wish to play in. There are three rooms, which are denoted by a different name and a different bet level. These are the Beginner’s Room, the Player’s Lounge and the High Roller Suite. You won’t find any reels or paylines during your session, like on many slot machines. If you’re seeking a new gaming experience, then Newlette Classic could be the very best option for you.

The Beginner’s Room is illustrated with a picture of a man looking delighted, as a hail of gold coins rains down in the backdrop. The Player’s Lounge presents a woman dressing in red, bounded by cascading casino chips. When it comes to the High Roller Suite, it has a clever looking aristocrat, with an urban setting behind him. Once you open Newlette Classic, you’ll be greeted with a board that looks different compared to any other casino games. Experience an gaming session on Lucky VIP Casino!

How to Play

Start by selecting among the three rooms, which have three different minimum stake amounts: High Roller Suite - £100, Player’s Lounge- £10 and Beginner’s room - £1. The maximum winnings in each room are: £1000 for High Roller Suite, £100 for Player’s Lounge and £10 for Beginner’s Room. As soon as you’ve picked your room on Newlette Classic, you’ll be required to choose one of the seven avatars available. They are yellow duck, red devil, purple alien, pink pig, brown lady, green crocodile and blue cat.

Think well, and make your choice! From there, you will be prompted to choose your stake amount to buy a share of the Newlette Wheel. Since the game is a single player one, you will compete against one to four computer challengers. The single blind betting round on Newlette Classic won’t let you see the bet amount or the numbers of opponents. This could be a great way to show them your skills!

When all bets have been placed, the wheel will spin and a silver ball will appear in one of the colours from the wheel. In the event that it appears in the colour you have selected, you win the pot value. Newlette Classic also contains a bonus round, which can be generated if you earn 5 rounds in a row. The feature grants 1 free spin which is played to determine which prize you have earned.

After each successful spin, you are granted one golden star which helps you know how close you are to activating the bonus round. Also, it is good to note that the computer challenger can wager up to 60% of the highest bet of the room. If you wish to change the player icon, click on the Icon itself on Newlette Classic. AutoSpin is also at hand. Clicking on it will allow you to pre-select a number of games, which are then played automatically.

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Newlette Classic is a game which guarantees fun! On, there are also many other table & card games which you may want to try. Some of the most popular titles are: European Roulette, European Classic, Deuces Wild, Super Wheel and Beat Me.


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