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Colour Cubes

Colour Cubes

There are millions of colours that exist across the world. Each colour has different shades and none of them is the same. You will discover a range of colours on Colour Cubes Game. This game is powered by IGT and can be played at Lucky VIP Casino. Colour Cubes is an arcade style game very similar to Candy Crush.

Colour Cubes Game is a game that plays on a 7x7 grid with brightly coloured squares. This online game is very easy and simple to play as it does not have any reels nor paylines. The idea behind the game is to match and collect cubes of the same colour to complete rows on the prize table to win cash prizes. The symbols that you will see dancing on the grid are of all colours: Star Cube, Bomb, Red Cube, Blue Cube, Yellow Cube, Green Cube, Orange Cube and Pink Cube.

Top Features of Colour Cubes Game

As Colour Cubes Game does not have any reels or paylines, it does not have any wilds nor scatter symbols.

Star Cube symbol is collected when the game is on. You can win £2.00 and this will be credited to your account. When the Bomb Symbol is collected, it allows you to collect all the other symbols surrounding it. This might increase your winning chances. On Colour Cubes Game, if you are betting the maximum stake value, you can win up to a maximum of 250,000 coins. Different winning amounts are awarded at different stakes.

Every time you click on ‘GO’, 2 lines will be moving across the grid. These will randomly stop on any combination randomly. The winning combination will be moved to the paytable. You will, therefore, have many more cubes to collect to get the winnings as per the paytable. The different winning combinations that you could get on Colour Cubes Game are 11 Pink Cubes, 10 Blue Cubes, 9 Green Cubes, 8 Yellow Cubes, 7 Orange Cubes or 6 Red Cubes. You can win on more than one combinations for any turns.

How to Play 

To start your colourful gaming experience on Colour Cubes Game, select your desired bet amount on the Ticket Cost Tab. You can choose to bet from £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10. After placing your bet, the game will start and you will be offered nine turns. To get started you can choose either the manual gameplay on ‘GO Tab’ or the automatic gameplay on ‘Auto Reveal’.

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