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Beat Me

Beat Me

Are you looking for a fun-filled card game? Check out Beat Me Card Game at Lucky VIP Casino! It is created by Play’n GO and is similar to Head or Tails. It is set on a green table, just like Blackjack. It is played with 6 card decks. On the table, you can see different betting areas and chips of various values. Your goal on this game is to draw a higher card than the dealer.

It is said that the first playing cards were invented by Chinese people before AD 1000. With time, they spread to India and Persia. It was only around 1360 that they reached Europe from the Egyptian Mameluke empire. Over the years, the popularity of playing cards spread around the globe. People love to play them at home among family and friends or in land-based casinos. There are different types of card games like Blackjack, Poker or Baccarat which are available both online and in casinos. Discover an innovative card game on Beat Me!

Top Features of Beat Me Card Game

Surrender: To Surrender on Beat Me Card Game means giving up your bet and starting the game all over.

Go to War: It is another bet placed with the same value as the first one and more cards are then dealt to each player.

How to Play

The chip values available on Beat Me Card Game are £1, £5, £10, £25 and £100. Place your bet by clicking on the desired chip and press your preferred betting area on the game table. There are 2 areas you can choose, namely: Bet and Tie. During the game, all the bets must conform to the table limits. Several options are also available. For instance, you can remove a bet by selecting the “X” chip and clicking the bet you want to remove. If you wish to remove all bets, simply click on “Clear All”.

Once your bet is placed on Beat Me Card Game, hit the Deal button. You are then dealt with a card and the dealer receives one too. The player with the highest card wins a payout of 1:1. If you draw cards of the same value (tie), you can either Go to War or Surrender. If you place a winning bet on Tie, the payout is 10:1.

However, you cannot place a lone Tie Bet on Beat Me Card Game, as the cards are ranked by their face value and Aces are high. If you decide to Go to War, you can place an extra War bet which is equal to your initial one. You and the dealer are each dealt an additional card. If yours beats the dealer's, the War bet pays even money (1:1) and the initial bet becomes a Push. If the cards tie, both your War and initial bets pay 1:1 each.

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