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Pirate and Adventure


Pirate and Adventure Slots At Lucky VIP

Aye aye punters! Are you looking for a lifetime adventure or an escape amidst the waves? You’ve come to the right harbour! Drop the anchor right here and find the top Pirate and Adventure themed slots to play at Lucky VIP Casino. These slot games have been designed by various game providers; thus, there’s always something new and different to the games! Plus, they come with a different number of paylines and reels. You have a wide collection to choose from! Are you ready to virtually brave the winds and dive into the jungles?

Oyez Captain- Pirate Themed Slot Games

After watching movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Blackbeard, you must have wanted to be a baddie at some point of your life! If that has always been your fantasy, here’s some good news! At Lucky VIP Casino, you can team up with the pirates. Pirate Themed Slot games is a thing on here. . . so wear your hat and let your compass be the master of your adventure - the treasure hunt is on! But, you must be prepared for anything. Some treasures have to be snatched from other ships while other treasures have to be unearthed on a lonesome island. So, are you ready to sail alongside the pirates?

On the reels of Lost Island Slot, you will find yourself on a lost island which is made of unknown flowers and a multitude of colours. You simply need to match the symbols on this online slot game to grab some winnings! Want to sail the seas? Play on Hooks Heroes Slot at Lucky VIP Casino. While the reels of this animated slot are rolling, you will be part of the pirate crew. Align identical symbols on the ship-like display and grab your share of the treasure! Feeling like going back into the days? Join the crew on the reels of Dragon Ship Slot! Be brave as the men symbols of this slot game are bearded and rough. . . but show them some respect and they might pave your way to winnings!

Live Free- Adventured Themed Slots

Want to get out of the daily routine? Or wondering if it’s time for a little adventure? No need to spend money on a trip to a faraway land as you can enjoy the virtual journeys by playing adventure-themed slots at Lucky VIP Casino! As you play these slot games, you can be just anyone you want! Tomb Raider, a traveller or a spy? These adventure themed slots might make you win to have a real adventure alongside the pyramids or sand tunes! Many adventure themed slots might take you on different kind of journeys. It can be in the depth of jungles or jumping off rocks to find hidden treasures. And, that is why these games consist of symbols which are connected to expeditions or travelling! On these types of games, you will have to create winning combinations of symbols like golden coins, hats, road maps, compasses and treasures. Plus, some of these games are loaded with bonus rounds! So, are you ready? Pack your bags and let’s go on an adventure!

Gonzo will be your guide on the reels of Gonzo’s Quest Slot. Created by NetEnt, this online slot game consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines. The theme of the game is the Aztec treasure - you have to align by Gonzo who will be by your side as the reels are rolling! Want to visit a pyramid? Play Temple of Ausar Slot! This Egyptian themed slot takes you into a pyramid where the hieroglyphs might quickly catch your mind! Make Ausar, the pharaoh your friend and he might give you some tips! You can plunge deeper into adventurous Egypt by playing Pharaoh’s Luck Slot, The Lost Slot of Riches or Temple of Isis Slot. Want to get into the clouds? Team up with Jack on the reels of Jack and the Beanstalk Slot! This other creation of NetEnt is made of 5 reels and 20 paylines!

Now that you know how enjoyable the pirate and adventure themed slots are, why not try them? There are other slot games found in this category! Eager to know? These games are Treasures of Persia Slot, Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot game, Lost Island Slot, 1421 Voyages of Zheng He Slot, Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot, Jewel Journey Slot, Aztec Idols Slot and many more! Try out any of these slot games and let yourself be virtually immersed in an adventure which only gets better!

Want to be a pirate? Wear your eye-patch, take your cutlass and sail the salty waters! Want to be an adventurer? Dress up, take your backpack and let the adventure begin! Choose your preferred game at Lucky VIP Casino and make the most of it!

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