Mega Jackpots Slots – An Overdose Of Thrill!

It is no surprise that most punters play online slots for fun. . . but it cannot be denied that fun and winnings do rhyme along well! After all, a little win can also do you some good while you play an entertaining slot game, wouldn’t you agree? But, it cannot be forgotten that slot games are based on luck! Sometimes you can hit a win and other times a little something which still makes the gaming experience worthwhile. There can be days when the winnings are simply stubborn. . . but you still enjoy playing online games! What if you could win a mega jackpot or you can grab some small wins which make a huge one? At Lucky VIP you will find a wide collection to enjoy! 

Regular Jackpot Slots – A Classic!

You probably already know that even regular slot games have jackpots! But, have you ever wondered about the difference between regular jackpot slots and typical jackpot slots? Okay, so regular jackpot slots consist of non-progressive jackpots! These are fixed which means that it is always worth the same amount, no matter how many times they are won or how many times a stake has been placed on these. But, these types of slot games normally have jackpot amounts which are much smaller than progressive jackpot amounts. Plus, the jackpots you can win normally depend on your stake! For instance, a regular jackpot slot might consist of a maximum jackpot which is worth 500x your stake - might be less or bigger as well! So, it could be that you place a stake of £1 and you win £500. . . and whatever the stake, this is the maximum you can win on a fixed jackpot slot! Regular jackpot slots are always fun to try though! Want to give it a go? Check out the below games at Lucky VIP Casino!

  • Lock It Link Night Life slot - Created by Scientific Games, this jackpot slot consists of three regular jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, Grand. Each of these jackpots has a regular amount which they offer if any of the jackpots are triggered. And, these can be randomly triggered when a specific symbol is seen on the third reel.
  • Monopoly Mega Mover slot - This other creation of Scientific Games consists of 20 paylines. There are five regular jackpot levels on this game, and it can be won at random. The jackpot amounts are fixed, and the biggest jackpot prize which can be awarded is £3,000!
  • Krazee Millions - Developed by Newlette, Krazee Millions is a game which is a bit different. It’s an arcade-style game which can be played in three modes; Frequent, Big and Mega. Under the mega mode, you have to fill the piggy jackpot meter! It’s done when you have frequent wins, and once the meter is filled, you win the regular jackpot!

Mega Jackpot Slots – A Plus!

Commonly known as progressive jackpot slots, mega jackpot slots are quite different. These slots do not consist of fixed jackpots; thus, the pot amount keeps on increasing, each time a stake is placed. The jackpot amounts can be worth hundreds of pounds at a time. But, once a progressive jackpot is won, this amount goes back to the lowest and gets refilled as players keep enjoying the game. One thing you should know about mega jackpot slots is that they are often run over a network. This means that many casinos might offer the same game, and the jackpot is available all over the site. So, if you are playing a mega jackpot slot at Lucky VIP Casino, it might be connected to any its sister sites. . . and any punter from any of the connected online casinos can be the jackpot winner. Do you want to give the mega jackpot slots a try?

The games you can try are Beat the Bobbies Progressive slots, Fluffy Favourites Fairground Progressive slots, Stampede Progressive slots, Irish Luck Progressive slots, Temple of Isis Progressive slots and many others! You will find them all under  ‘Mega Jackpot Slots’ tab! All of these mega jackpot slots consist of three progressive jackpot levels which are Mini, Maxi and Mega. The different jackpot levels are the same on all the games! So, you can try your luck on the mega jackpot slots of your choice!

At Lucky VIP casino, there are over 50 mega jackpot slots! You have a great variety. . . why not try some of the slots. . . or why not all of them? Join the site anytime to play the games!

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