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Eye of the Kraken

Eye of the Kraken

19 November 1306 - the ship set sail for the maiden voyage all the way to Norway. Slowly, dusk approached and the shadows were crawling over. The water was deep and cold, an unsettling ambience slowly grew and the sea went silent. Nothing seemed to move, time froze in the acute cold. Suddenly, a deafening growl was heard and thick slimy tentacles sprouted from the abyss of the sea. Our fears took form. The Kraken!

Eye of the Kraken Slot by Play’N GO brings you to the depth of the sea where, along with colourful fishes and treasures, resides the terrifying Kraken. The reels are backed with the dark and silent waters where your every move is watched by the Kraken. Are you willing to brave the currents and challenge the monster of every sailor’s dream?

Top Features of Eye of the Kraken Slot

Metallic reels are filled with pictures and symbols of explorers who took the challenge of finding the Kraken. Eye of the Kraken Slot brings you straight from the depths symbols like the Captain, Mrs Captain, Crew Member, Diving Helmets, crucial Oxygen Cylinders, Diver, piercing and lethal Harpoons and Torpedoes. With some chances, you may awake the Kraken who shall send its tentacles on the reels.

Yes, Chances! Since the tentacles are the way to the fortunes. As the tentacles touch any symbol on your reel, the latter changes it to a wild symbol which can be replaced by all symbols available on the Eye of the Kraken Slot except for the scatters.

For a dive in the deep, you will require diving helmets. In the event that you gather 5 diving helmet symbols, you trigger the Dive Mode, a majestic voyage with 9 free spins to be used for treasure hunting. The Dive Mode on Eye of the Kraken Slots includes the wild symbols as well!

Manage to gather 3 such wild symbols and you are offered £20.00. Moreover, line up 1 to 9 scatter symbols for a chance to generate 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 or 150 wins. We do have something extra for you. Successfully find the extra pattern prize that multiplies your stake by 10 or 5 for 4 corners or 4 sides.

Time to challenge the Kraken! The sea is filled with debris and weapons including the torpedoes. Collect 50 torpedoes and enter the duel with the Kraken who is leering from his abode while guarding his precious riches and fortunes. Your goal is to release the torpedoes on the tentacles of the Kraken and pick the treasures up to a maximum of 3 chests. Indeed, there is a prize for defeating the Kraken. This feature can award you 500 times your total bet!

How to play

Select your bets among values of £0.20, 0.50, 1, 1.50, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and play on the reels of Eye of the Kraken Slots with lines fixed at 8. It is obvious that battling a Kraken need preparations so you can set the Autoplay option to spin automatically based on the limits you set while you prepare for the assault.

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