50 And Over Slots – The Only Thing Better When It’s Above 50!

If you go down memory lane, there was a time when punters might have thought that 3-reels and a single payline slots will forever be the only type of slot machine available. But, this idea quickly changed when slot games started to evolve!

Single pay line slots became obsolete as slot games with various paylines started to see the day. Many game developers innovated slot machines with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 paylines. And, after 40 lines games, it already seemed that there wasn’t much which could be further developed. . .  That is when the online gambling era kicked off! Ever since almost every game provider created a series of online slot games. These online slots were loaded with 50 and more lines! The level of fun might be better on 50 and over slots compared to single paylines ones!

Light Upon 50 and Over slots

50 and over slots are very simple to play. Just like any slot games, they are made of reels and paylines, and the gameplay stays the same. The main difference is that you might have more chances of winning as there’s a number of winning chances through the numerous paylines. For instance, if you’re betting on a single payline slot, you might have one chance of winning. . . but on a 50 payline slot, you have 50 chances of winnings anytime you roll the reels!

Many well-known game providers like IGT, Eyecon, Microgaming and Scientific Games have ventured in the creation of 50 and over slots and they have made a good job! Many of their well-crafted slots are available to play at Lucky VIP Casino. Hmmm… Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to give them a try?

Oh! Required a little more insight? Well, well! Depending on the game providers, some of the 50 and over slot lets you pick your preferred number of paylines. You can choose a 50 payline slot to play. . . but you can adjust it to only activate from 1 to 50 paylines. Isn’t that great? You are the master of the game! But one thing you need to know is that often on 50 and over slots, the stake you place is per line. So, if you are choosing the maximum paylines, your stake will be higher… but so might be your winning chances!

What Does 50 Lines And Over Mean For Lucky VIP?

Lucky VIP Casino has a category dedicated only to 50 and over slots. You just have to open that tab and you can pick any slot games to play! The games can consist of 50 to 100 paylines! It might be great fun to choose any game at random... and to discover how many lines they are made of, only when the game has started! Or, let’s just make it a little simpler for you, so that you know where to start from!

The Best 50 Lines And Over Slots!

For some 50 Paylines Slot, you might want to go for Gold Factory slot, The 3 Panditos slot, Mustang Millions slot or Wild Lion slot. Packed with features, they might end up redefining entertainment for you! Whenever 80 Paylines Slots are mentioned, the image of Elvis The King Lives slot comes to the mind. Go to the epitome of lines with 192 lines on Zeus III slots.

The interesting part is that alongside numerous paylines, some of the 50 and over slots are also loaded with features which might boost your chances of winning. On Gold Factory slot, you can discover a free spins round, a bonus round and a click me bonus. Relive the concerts of Elvis on the reels of Elvis The King Live slot which is packed with the free spins feature and a special bonus round!

If you want a bigger plate of choice, open the 50 and over slots tab at Lucky VIP Casino and just choose! Since there’s no harm in experiencing different concepts... why not try all the games?

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