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Mystical and Magic

Mystical Slots

Abracadabra! Take out your grimoire and wave your magic wand! There’s a massive collection of mystical slots at Lucky VIP Casino, and you just need to believe in magic to have the best gaming experience. Many popular slots are themed on various things and mystic happens to be one of them. Magic and myth slots will bring you into a world where everything is possible. . . dragons, trolls, werewolves, Santa Claus, vampires and leprechauns!

But if we look at slot games in a different way, they are always magical. You place a bet. . . and you can be surprised with a massive win anytime. Or, small winning which make a huge one. And it’s even better when you play jackpot slots! However, to make gaming even better, there are slot games which are purely themed on mystic and myth. Wondering how they look?

So, what are mystic slots?

There are many mystic slots at Lucky VIP Casino, and they are all different. The main difference is indeed the theme itself. While some games tell the tales of bloodsuckers, others might tell the story of fortune tellers. Some games are themed on mystical creatures like trolls, vampires, Greek gods and goddesses, Cupid or fairies. And, other slots exploit the theme of creatures like fire horses, Vikings and wizards.

On mystical slots, you will mostly find eye-catching symbols like books of spells, crystal balls, little fairies, gems, treasures, potions and many more! The bonus rounds that they carry can be enchanting as well. These mystical slots are definitely worth a try. . . so why not spin the hypnotic reels while crossing your fingers for some magic to happen? Whether you’re playing for winnings or plainly for fun. . . embark on a magical and mystical journey at Lucky VIP Casino with magic wands, wizards and ogres!

Into an enchanted world. . .

Board on the enchanted flight at Lucky VIP Casino by checking out the mystical slots! Let your imagination guide you and believe in the themes of these games while admiring the symbols. You can kiss the frog to relive a classic fairy-tale on the reels of Enchanted Prince progressive slots. The background of the game already dives you into a lovely water pond! And, the frog will be your scatter symbol which can reward you with some free games!

Befriend the pretty fairies on the reels of Pixies of the Forest slots. As you walk into the magical woods, the fairies will welcome you onto the reels; let them be your guide and some eerie winnings might come to you! Meet the animal-monks on the reels of The Legend of Shangri-La Clusters Pays slots. Align with the monks on this magic themed slot game and be brave while you battle the dragon- it can be quite rewarding! Feeling a little lonely? Meet up with Cupid on the reels of Cupid’s arrow slots- the angel of love might shoot some winning arrows for you. Looking out for Christmas? Sleigh to Santa’s Stash slots and make father Christmas your buddy- he might give you some early Christmassy gifts!

Discover a mystical world. . .

Forget about the real world and let yourself be immersed into a natural sphere where everything is possible. The surprising symbols can be your happiness while the mystical creatures can give you an out of this world experience. Ready to start? Play mystical slots at Lucky VIP Casino. The only phoenix has sought refuge at Lucky VIP Casino, and you can meet him on the reels of Rainbow Phoenix slots. Believe in him and he might rise from his ashes to get you some wins!

The leprechaun got tired and he moved to hell! Not convinced? You can see it for yourself on the reels of Leprechaun Goes to Hell Progressive slots! Team up with him and help him to combat Eveline. . . he might share the pot of flaming golden coins with you! Feel the winds and hear the thunder roar on Zeus God of Thunder slots. Themed of the fathers of all gods, this slot game takes you into the clouds where the gods reign. Help them in their quests and they might shower you some thundering wins. Feeling a little Irish? You can meet the Leprechaun in his natural attire on the reels of Irish Gold slots or Rainbow Riches Pick’n’ Mix slots!

Anytime you’re ready to experience a world which is not real yet appealing, play the mystical slots at Lucky VIP Casino. You can take the fun anywhere you go by playing these online slot machines on either a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone! At Lucky VIP Casino, anything is possible! So, plunge into the décor and let the entertaining gaming session begin!

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