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Word Candy

Word Candy

Geco – Core Gaming presents Word Candy Scratch Game at the best online casino, Lucky VIP. If you love sweet treats like candies and chocolates, you will surely love this game as it is indeed based on sweets. It consists of a crossword grid containing symbols, set against a purple background. On the right side, find chocolate squares with 27 hidden letters. On the left, discover the Paytable.

Do you know the most expensive chocolate in the world? It is the To’ak Chocolate! It contains only 2 ingredients: cane sugar and cacao. Its costly price can be explained by the fact that the cacao is actually from 100-year-old Arriba cacao trees, believed to be the last of their kind. They also grow the rarest and most expensive cacao beans. The production and fermentation process is long too and everything is done by hand! So, discover the exquisite world of sweets on the Word Candy Scratch Game.

Top Features of Word Candy Scratch Game

Bonus - Word Candy Scratch Game comes with a Bonus round, activated when 3 Cherries are collected after picking all the 18 letters. It takes you to another screen where you will find a lollipop and a 3-tier cake. Spin the lollipop 3 times and fill the matching letters on the tiers of the cake, using the 3 letters that come out every time. When a word is completely filled, a bonus value shown for a particular tier is paid out. This feature is still triggered on a game without any wins and after the 3 spins, the round ends.

How to Play

Word Candy Scratch Game consists of the following symbols: Letters, Golden Ticket, Cherries, Lollipop and a 3-tier Cake. When a Golden Ticket appears at random, a guaranteed prize of up to 10x your card value is awarded. Three cherries collected while picking letters help in triggering the Bonus round during which the Lollipop and 3-tier Cake appear.

The stake value on Word Candy Scratch Game is fixed at £3. Start by clicking on the “Buy Card” button, followed by a short animation. Press the “Auto Pick” button appearing on the chocolate bar to uncover all the squares and reveal the letters. Win a payout according to the paytable, if the letters match at least 3 words on the crossword grid. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11 and 12 matched words pay £3, £6, £15, £30, £75, £150, £750, £1500, £7500 and £60,000, respectively. So, with this game, you can expect to win a maximum payout of £60,000.

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Join Lucky VIP to discover more of these games and make the most of different offers and promotions. Get ready for a sweet treat with Word Candy Scratch Game!





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