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Slingo Carnival

Slingo Carnival

Slingo Carnival is a game that takes you down memory lane. Once you get going, you will be transported to a fairground. As you walk past the colourful stalls, you will encounter many features that can boost your gameplay. So, ladies and gents, would you like to discover the game? Launch it anytime at Lucky VIP Casino!

Created by Slingo Games, Slingo Carnival comes with cartoonish-style graphics. The action takes place within an amusement park. However, you won’t find any symbols since it is an arcade-type of game. There are only different stars on the grid which detonate to display what’s behind it. Plus, the game is fully compatible with any iOS and Android devices. Have a ball!

Top Features of Slingo Carnival

During Slingo Carnival, many Slingo characters will appear. Keep a particular eye on the Devil, though! The latter can block potential combos on your grid:

  • Super Joker: marks off any number in the entire grid
  • Joker: marks off any number in the column above
  • Free Spin: adds a further spin to your total

Slingo Carnival comes equipped with a Pick a Toy Bonus. Choose from the 3 toys on your screen to catch hold of a prize. The Target Time Bonus is different. Here, you can uncover winning values. It lets you play 4 rounds where the multiplier amounts slowly increase from x0.5 to x5 and x10. On the other hand, the Bottle Toss Bonus awards you 3 throws to uncover win values between x1 and x5.

Throughout this feature, your total win will be tripled if you knock down all bottles with 2 or more balls left. The Balloon Popper Bonus on Slingo Carnival gives you 4 throws to uncover multiplier amounts with values between x1 and x5. If you manage to pop all the balloons with 3 or more darts left, your total win will be quadrupled.

On Slingo Carnival, you will also find a Coaster Climb Bonus. This feature gives you a wheel to spin and to move up the roller coaster until you hit collect. And you will earn on what you land. The Log Ride Bonus is interesting. Here, the multiplier amounts go up to 1000x. All you need to do is to spin the wheel and move up the log flume, winning the value you’ve shown on when you hit collect.

Finally, Slingo Carnival has a Whirl Winnings Bonus that can take your gaming experience to new heights. In this feature, you must head on down to the circus tent. There’ll be 12 multipliers spinning around and the value that appears above the arrow will be yours. As soon as your 10 spins are over, you can but extra spins whenever you want!

How to Play

Start Slingo Carnival by adjusting the bet amount of your choice! Follow by pressing on the Start Game button to head down to the fair. You will then get 10 spins to pair numbers on the reel to those in the grid. If you manage to mark 5 in a row, you will win a Slingo and move up the ladder on the left.

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