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Scratch 4 Rubies

Scratch 4 Rubies

Lucky VIP presents the Scratch 4 Rubies Game, created by Geco – Core Gaming. This game is based on the fiery red coloured gemstone, ruby. It consists of 4 scratch panels. Let yourself be carried away by the catchy design of this game and find the lovely rubies on its background. The payouts are also very interesting as well as the attractive graphics and animations.

Did you know that rubies have healing properties? They are protections from negativities of all kinds and are great in strengthening courage, joy and leadership qualities. So, the next time you are attending a formal party where you are expected to give a public speech, don’t forget to wear rubies on you!

What’s more interesting, during the middle ages, rubies were regarded as stones of prophecy. They also symbolised powerful feelings like energy, passion, love and zest for life. Get the chance to revisit these powerful and bright gemstones through the Scratch 4 Rubies Game.

Top Features of Scratch 4 Rubies Game

Scratch 4 Rubies Game comes with 4 scratch panels with set win values. Click and drag a finger or cursor on them to reveal the symbols. If number 4 out of 6 single digit numbers is revealed on the first panel, £10 can be won. When number 4 is the result of one of the 2 calculations on the 2nd panel, £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5000 or £25000 are awarded. On the 3rd one, get the chance to win £2, £10, £50, £500, £1000 or £25000 if you match 3 symbols on a 3x3 grid containing 9 symbols. On the 4th panel, match 3 values on a 3x3 grid of 9 to be rewarded with £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5000 or £25000.

The following symbols can be found on the third panel on Scratch 4 Rubies Game: Wagon Wheel, Crown, Ring, Dollar Sign ($), Scale and High Heel Shoes. Their payouts for 3 of a kind are as follows: £25,000, £1000, £500, £50, £10 and £2, respectively.

How to Play

The stake value on Scratch 4 Rubies Game is always at £2, displayed at the top right hand corner, and cannot be modified.  Simply click on “Buy Card” to activate the game. Next, a brief animation is displayed and the default scratch card interface turns into the “In Play” layout. The “Other Cards” button is then deactivated and instead of “Buy Card”, the Reveal button appears. To uncover the 4 panels, press Reveal. With the “Other Cards” button, you have the option to choose another “Scratch 4” product from the series.

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