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Scratch 4 Diamonds

Scratch 4 Diamonds

Scratch 4 Diamonds is one of the numerous thrilling scratch card games from the Scratch 4 series game which has been developed by Core Gaming. You can now enjoy it at none other than UK’s best online casino – Lucky VIP. This game differs from the usual game that you know, as each game played offers you with 4 chances to win. There are also 4 scratch panels on Scratch 4 Diamonds where each of them consists of their own set win values!

The highest prize on Scratch 4 Diamonds is set at a mind blowing £250,000. The objective during your session is to wipe away the foil on each of the 4 scratch panels. If you have managed to do that, you will be awarded highly. You can equally trigger a prize value multiplier on winning cards at random! So, hurry up and take out your smartphone, desktop, or tablet to play the game!

Top Features of Scratch 4 Diamonds

On Scratch 4 Diamonds, you must fold and drag your finger on the pointer on each of the scratch panels to rub out the foil and uncover what is hidden beneath it. Usually, a panel is believed to have been completed when more than 80% of it has been rubbed over!

Panel 1 can grant you up to £50 whenever number 4 is unveiled out of 6 single digit options. You may catch hold of between £250,000, £50,000, £10,000, £5,000, £1,000, £500, £200, £100, £50, £20, to £10 when the result of one of two easy match sums up to 4 on panel 2.

Whenever 3 corresponding symbols are uncovered out of 9 symbols on a 3x3 grid on scratch panel 3, you may be granted from £10, £50, £100, £1,000, £10,000, to £250,000. And on panel 4 on Scratch 4 Diamonds, you can either earn £250,000, £50,000, £10,000, £5,000, £1,000, £500, £200, £100, £50, £20, or £10 when 3 corresponding values are revealed!

How to Play

To start a new game on Scratch 4 Diamonds, you will require pressing on the Buy Card button. After having clicked on it, this button will become the ‘Reveal’ button. Upon clicking on, the Reveal button will by its own wipe away the foil on each of the scratch panel in turn to unveil the unseen values or symbols. On this beautiful game, you can only stake £10. This value is fixed and cannot be altered at any point during your gameplay!

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