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Pixies Of The Forest Instant Win

Pixies Of The Forest Instant Win

Pixies are mythical beings who descend from diverse tales. These mystical creatures are thought to have friendly behaviour and magical powers! There are distinctive mythological tales around pixies and these range from country to country. For example, the Greek think that pixies are fallen angels, while the Irish believe pixies are the leprechauns who hate people. There are other books, movies and myths about fairies, but no one has probably seen a real one...!

After the success of Pixies of the Forest Slot, IGT has decided to create Pixies of the Forest Instant Win Game. The theme of the game is similar to the slot version. So, you can expect to have the same playing experience here. However, the only difference is that this instant win game does not have any reels or paylines.  It’s all about matching equivalent tiles to get some huge winnings. Start the game at UK’s online casino – Lucky VIP!

Top Features of Pixies of the Forest Instant Win

Once you open this game, you will be taken to an enchanting forest which is realistic. The display of Pixies of the Forest Instant Win is cut into two parts: Winning Numbers and Your Numbers. Under the Your Numbers, you will find 12 tiles which are made of leaves. The other part displays only 3 tiles made of rubies!

There is also a Pixie symbol on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win. It can randomly be seen under any of the tiles. In the event that this symbol appears, you earn the total added values of all the 12 tiles. While the totals that you can trigger range from £1.00 to £200.00, the game has what it takes to grant up to a supreme of 150,000 coins all at once.

How to Play

Like any slot game, you must first of all place your bet to start Pixies of the Forest Instant Win. The stakes you can pick from are £10.00, £5.00, £3.00, £2.00 to £1.00. Note that you will still have 12 tiles no matter which bet amount you select. Once you have placed your bet on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win, you can press on the tiles one by one to unveil which numbers they hide. 

You will also be given the option to unveil all the numbers all at once. There is an ‘Auto-Reveal’ Tab available which you can make great use of. To be awarded a win on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win, any of Your Numbers must be corresponding to the Winning Numbers. Your Numbers are tagged with a prize amount, while the numbers under Winning Numbers are simple. If any of the numbers are equivalent, then you earn the displayed prize value!

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