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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Created by IGT, Harley Davidson Game is highly appealing. Even if you are not a fan of bikes, this game will surely interest you! Playable on mobile phone, tablet or laptop, this game will take you onto a ride where you could grab some lovely wins! Ready to start this game?

When the game is launched, you will see a pale grey backdrop on which there will be four games. And, while the game is being played, you will hear the motorbike-like sound as background music. You will feel like on a racetrack when you’re playing this game.

Top Features of Harley Davidson

There are no reels or paylines on Harley Davidson Game. Instead, the display features four game tabs and these are labelled as 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each time you place a game, you will have the 4-stage game, and you can choose from any of the four games to begin with. The games are as below:

Top Torque- There are two RPMs on the display. Select your cards and click on the prize field, to reveal the RPMs and the winning amount. If your RPM torque is higher than your rival’s, you are the winner.

Find a Harley- Davidson Motorcycle- There are 4 garages on the display, and each consists of a prize badge. You have to reveal all of these, and you get the corresponding win if any of the garages shows a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Match & Win Wheel Spin- There’s a wheel on the display and it consists of these different colours: red, green, orange, royal blue, purple, yellow and pale blue. Each of these colours award a win if the wheel is stopped on these. You can win from £1.00 to £100.00.

Match 3 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles- There are eight hidden motorcycles on the display. You have to reveal these, and if 3 are matched, you are given a win.

There are winnings of level 1 to 10 on Harley Davidson Game. And, the winnings depend on your stake: the higher your stake, the more your winnings. The minimum you can win on this game is £0.50 while the maximum is £150,000!

How to Play

Start Harley Davidson Game by placing your stake. You can choose any stakes from £0.50 to £10.00 on the Ticket Cost Tab. Once you have activated the game, the four game tabs will appear on the display and you can begin by choosing any of these. On all of the four games, you can either reveal the hidden symbols one by one, or you can click on the Auto-Reveal tab to have these uncovered all at once.

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