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Cash Cookout

Cash Cookout

Imagine yourself in a relaxing and serene environment as you play Cash Cookout at Lucky VIP Casino. It is an IGT creation which consists of a simple gameplay. The atmosphere on this game is not only relaxing but a BBQ party is also taking place. It is not just any barbecue party because here, you will be burning piles of cash on the grill! All the action takes place in a quiet, rural surrounding and in the background, you can see celebratory flags and decorations which indicate some sort of festivities happening. Join the celebrations and have lots of fun!

On the red tablecloth on Cash Cookout, you can see 3 sauce bottles which represent the Winning Numbers and a coal-powered grill on which stacks of money are smoking. But not to worry! Burning money on this game has its own rewards. The maximum payout you can earn here is 2,500 units. Enjoy the atmosphere while you reveal the numbers and watch as the wins are triggered!

Top Features of Cash Cookout

Lucky Number: Don’t be sad to see piles of cash smoking on the grill and turning into a crisp on Cash Cookout! That’s because you have Lucky Numbers! If you land a Lucky Number, you can win the prize hidden underneath. There is a total of 12 game spaces and 3 Lucky Numbers that are generated out of 39. 

How to Play

Start enjoying Cash Cookout by selecting your preferred ticket cost. Make use of the + and – buttons to pick one of the available values. When you are done, click on “Buy” to deduct the price from your balance and enjoy the game! Your objective is to match Your Numbers with the Winning Numbers to earn a payout. Plus, you can also reveal the grill utensils to win all the 12 “Your Number” prizes displayed, without the need to match.

After your ticket is bought on Cash Cookout, the screen shows 3 Winning Numbers, 12 Your Numbers and the Reveal All button. Start by tapping the money stacks to reveal Your Numbers. Each of them also hides a cash prize underneath. If any of Your Numbers match any of the Winning Numbers sauce bottles, you can win the corresponding prize.

If you want to speed the game up on Cash Cookout, simply press the Reveal All tab to enjoy several automatic rounds. The automated gameplay continues until all selections are made. When all the sauce bottles and money stacks are revealed, the round is over and a closing message indicates the game outcome. So, are you ready to join this fun-filled BBQ party?

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