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Balloonies Swap & Pop

Balloonies Swap & Pop

IGT presents Balloonies Swap & Pop Scratch Game at Lucky VIP Casino. It is a game on which you can see cute and crazy critters! It offers simple but fun gameplay that you can enjoy on any desktop or mobile device. It consists of a 4x4 grid and a paytable. Immerse yourself in the sky-blue backdrop and be ready for the fun!

Let the fun-loving critters guide you to explosive fun on Balloonies Swap & Pop Scratch Game! A critter can be any wild or domesticated animal or insect. That’s why on the grid, you can find various symbols like the Elephant, Giraffe, Fox and Birds. During your gameplay, other symbols are also revealed such as Spades, Triangles, Diamonds, Hearts, Stars, Octagons and Pentagons. A critter also makes scratching noises in the ceiling at night. If you hear these sounds, you can be certain that there is some form of critter in the house! Discover more as you enjoy this entertaining game.

Top Features of Balloonies Swap & Pop Scratch Game

Shape Win: Trigger a Shape Win on Balloonies Swap & Pop Scratch Game when you swap the Balloonies to reveal shapes. Your goal is to complete a row of shapes to win. All the payouts are displayed on the paytable on the left-hand side.

Instant Win: As for Instant Wins, they are hidden under any of the balloonies on the 4x4 grid. Don’t miss them!

How to Play

Adjust your ticket cost on Balloonies Swap & Pop Scratch Game with one of the following values; 0.50, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10. Your ticket cost and game balance are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Begin by swapping the balloonies on the grid to reveal various shapes. Try to complete a row of shapes to trigger the corresponding prize. Want to go faster? Use the Auto Play button to select a number of rounds played in rapid succession. Your aim on this game is to match 3 or more identical critters to collect shapes in a group and earn a win.

Are you wondering about the payouts on Balloonies Swap & Pop Scratch Game? As per the Paytable, the different rewards are as follows:


These amounts are awarded when Shape Wins are triggered. However, with each match you can achieve, Instant Wins that are hidden under the cute animals are also awarded. Enjoy a fast-paced and fun game on Balloonies Swap & Pop Scratch Game as you match more and more critters!

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