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Roulette – A Little Wheel For Entertainment!

Sensational is this French table game… really! Any casino shall be incomplete without featuring Roulette. They are many to love hurling their chips onto the play table as the roulette wheel turns around to determine the wins. If a casino is to be made perfect, featuring outstanding variations of Roulette is to be considered a priority! Lucky VIP is not to be dissuaded when it comes to setting up the ideal games for entertainment. The latter has reunited the best variations of roulette games under a Roulette section on its site. The time has come to spare a few clicks for the “Frenchy” one of the casino games; Roulette!

Roulette, A History Unfolded!

A throwback to the 17th century. The dear French physicist, Blaise Pascal is attempting his research on the perpetual motion machine. As crafty as he is, he invents the primitive wheel to understand his point and by accident, gave birth to what will be known as the most entertaining casino game. Roulette was created and since then, has been played in Paris while slowly spreading to other provinces and countries. A few years back, Roulette was a wooden wheel with beautiful pockets of numbers, shining and reflecting a level of classiness. Today, the gorgeous table game is virtualised! You can drop by casino sites to engage in some gameplay as you will. Talking about casino sites, Lucky VIP includes the best variants for Roulette Games!

Refresher: How To Play Roulette?

Are you new to this awesome game? Even if you know the basics, you might fancy a little revision! Roulette is quite simple to play. You are to choose a lucky number on which you would like to place your bets. Place your bets on single numbers, group numbers, odds or evens, red or black as well as high or low sections of the play table. There is a range of number given on the play table; 1-36. Once you are done with your wagers, the croupier will turn the roulette wheel in a clockwise rotation and hurl in the ball in an anticlockwise motion. In the end, the number that happens to be the resting place of the ball is declared the winner. Simple, isn’t it? For more tips about roulette, have a look at our partner site. And remember, all the sections of the play table that include the winning number is awarded wins based on the pay table.

Some Phenomenal Variations At Lucky VIP!

European Roulette is an incredible variant of roulette that has not stopped being the talk of the… internet! Why is it so popular? In fact, European Roulette is played pretty much the same as the standard Roulette games but, the only difference is that a zero number is added. Appearing as a green coloured pocket, it grants additional ways to play and bet! Lucky VIP proposes this marvellous variation on its Roulette section. Feel free to try it…

Time to plunge in some exotic playing times with the French Roulette variation that explores the genuine style of gameplay. This one shares traits with the European Roulette; the addition of the number zero. However, the twist comes on the gameplay. French Roulette introduces the La Partage Rule. Usually, when a number different from the one you wagered is the outcome, you lose the bet, right? Yet, on French Roulette, if the winning number is zero, you are awarded half the bets on even numbers. Lovely, isn’t it? It sure is!

Well, these are just some honourable mentions. Much more majestic variants of Roulette are to be encountered on the premises of Lucky VIP. With grandiose adaptations including Monopoly Roulette Tycoon, Three Wheel Roulette and Double Bonus Spin Roulette set at your disposal, you can always consider which one to play. Go ahead and access the exclusive Roulette page to have all the Roulette games exposed in front of your eyes!


Nope… These sizzling Roulette Games were not created by Pascal! The roulette games at Lucky VIP are the releases of professional software developers like Gamevy, NetEnt, Realistic Games, Play’n GO amongst many others. Ensuring that their products are meeting the expectations of players, they packed the roulette games with amazing graphics and details. No need to travel to a casino since you can immerse in the splendour of one by playing Roulette at home via Lucky VIP!

Roulette Games On Mobile!

Are you ready for this news? Roulette is compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop devices! Indeed, it’s true! Since the table games support the Responsive Adaptive Display, you can start placing your bets at any moment. Going somewhere? Do not forget to take your new pocket casino with you.

Lucky VIP, the original casino site, leaves no stone unturned in matching a real-life casino. Through such awesome roulette games, the entertainment will undeniably touch a new height. Why not seize the moment to try some? If you are a new player, you will be able to relish the first-time deposit offer on the way! Up to £100 is to be pocketed!

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