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Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller - Netent

Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller - Netent

Live Common Draw Blackjack High-Roller is a fun online casino game. It might make you want to come back for more actions. It is quite a popular variant of Blackjack crafted by Netent. This online casino game can be played at Lucky VIP Casino. It can simultaneously be played by multiple players. This online casino game is controlled by a live dealer who uses a sophisticated and automatic card shuffling machine. On Live Common Draw Blackjack High-Roller, six decks of cards are used. The aim of the game is to get the value of 21 or close to 21 without exceeding.

Top Features of Live Common Draw Blackjack High-Roller

Hit: When you choose the ‘Hit’ option on Live Common Draw Blackjack High-Roller, it will bring you and additional cards.

Double: This ‘Double’ option will double your stake value.

Split: On Live Common Draw Blackjack High-Roller, you can choose to ‘Split’ when you have 2 cards of the same value. This will split them separately in two hands.

Bust and Stand: If you choose ‘stand’ or you bust, the cards will still be dealt with as other players may still be concluding their hands in the card stream. The dealer will draw cards to their own incomplete hand once the players have completed their hands. When the dealer has finalised their hand, the game will end. The dealer will then clear the table and winnings will be paid to the winners.

Take Even Money: You may choose this option on Live Common Draw Blackjack High-Roller when the dealer card is an ace and you have blackjack.

Insurance Bet: You can choose the Insurance Bet option when the dealer first card is an Ace. It will cost half of your initial bet.

You will have to choose one option before the timer ends. During the time frame, if you do not manage to choose an option, your hand will automatically stand.

On the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a blackjack billboard. It will display the dealer’s last 100 hands percentage of busts and blackjack, the last hand, the dealer’s last 10 hand value and the actions in the current hands.

How to Play

Live Common Draw Blackjack High-Roller is an action-packed and thrill online casino game. Select on the chip value and click on the round betting box to make your selection.  The betting will be closed once the bet timer countdown is over. The dealer will then place a first card for himself after which he will place two cards on the card stream. This will not include the dealer’s first cards. 

Online Galore

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