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Live Blackjack - Netent

Live Blackjack - Netent

Live Blackjack is a marvellous multiplayer Blackjack game, developed by none other than the great NetEnt. This super game is played with 6 decks of cards. What will impress you the most is the special feature that Live Blackjack consists.  The table on which you will play the game will be hosted by a live casino dealer. However, the cards are shuffled in an automatic shuffling machine. And, the purpose on this brilliant game is to create a hand with a value that is equal to or nearer to 21. In the event that your hand value is greater than 21, you bust and the dealer wins the round.

Top Features of Live Blackjack

After you receive your first two cards, the action timer will start a count down and your applicable hand options will show up. You will need to choose from the available hand selections to play your hand before the timer stops. The following player will take their chance or the dealer will extract cards to their own hand. When the dealer completes their hand, it game round ends. All winning bets are then payed and the dealer clears the table.

Numbered cards which varies from 2 to 10 signify as face value, while aces signify as either 1 or 11, and jacks, queens, and kings signify as 10. The Aces can prove to be useful during your session on Live Blackjack. Depending on the game, either 1 or 11 will be used whichever is more advantageous for you.

During your session, you will be provided with the Hit button. Clicking on it means that the dealer will give you an additional card. The Stand button on the contrary will play your hand as it is. As for the Double button, it will double the value of your initial bet, and give you one extra card before your hand automatically stands.

How to Play

The Live Blackjack table consists of 7 seats. Any free seat is shown by a green light located below the betting box. You will have to click on the betting box to take an available seat. Obviously, you can only occupy one seat at the table. If it happens that you do not place your bet for 3 consecutive game rounds, a warning will be sent about the inactivity. And if in the following game as well you remain inactive, your seat will then be available to other players.

Chips denominations on Live Blackjack range from 1, 5, 25, 100 to 1,000. At the start of your game, the dealer will ask you to place your stakes. You will have to pick a chip and click on your betting box. After having placed your bets, the dealer will deal the cards to each seated player. As per the Blackjack rules, each player will then take a turn at their hand. This starts with the rightmost seated player.

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