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Live Blackjack PRO - NetEnt

Live Blackjack PRO - NetEnt

Play the super thrilling Live Blackjack Pro casino game at UK’s top casino site – Lucky VIP, and feel the magical experience of the land-based casinos from wherever you are. This interesting game is created by NetEnt and comes packed with attractive graphics along with an inventive user interface. If you want to feel top-notch real-time gaming with a sharp image and low latency, then Live Blackjack Pro is probably what you have been wishing for!

Top Features of Live Blackjack Pro

At the beginning of your session, you are dealt with two facedown cards by the dealer. Also, the dealer will deal himself two cards. You will notice that only one of the dealer’s card is shown so that you can place your bet accordingly. If you want to receive another card, you can press on the Hit button. And if you want to keep your current card selection, you can press on the Stand button.

Live Blackjack Pro also comes with a Doubling down option. You may click on the Double button when it is available. You are also provided with the option of splitting pairs. Upon clicking on, you are automatically dealt with two hands.

On Live Blackjack Pro, there is a dynamic Billboard. This board enables you to view the value of the last 10 games, including the hand bust percentage and blackjack percentage. The dealer must draw any hand of 16 or lower and stand on 17.

This spectacular game offers you different ways of winning. You can either win when you get a hand that is nearer to 21 compared to the dealer or when the first two cards dealt makes a blackjack. When you have 21 or less and the dealer busts, you also win. A time limit is presented for each hand played. In the event that you do not play within this time limit, the hand automatically stands. You lose your position at the table if you do not play 3 consecutive hands.

How to Play`

The minimum stake on Live Blackjack Pro is 200. This brilliant game is played with eight decks of cards. You will notice that 52 cards are found in each deck. The purpose is to get a hand with a value that is nearer to 21, without going over it. The objective is to also beat the value of the dealer without busting. If the dealer has blackjack, you lose unless you have placed an Insurance Bet.

Generally, the dealers on Live Blackjack Pro are charismatic and very friendly as well. They have been trained to offer quality service and to keep you entertained all along your play. So, you don’t have to worry about how to play the game at all. They are here to help you as well.

Online Slots Galore

After playing the exciting Live Blackjack Pro, you may want to try other similar games at Lucky VIP Casino. They are Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live French Roulette, and much more. Aside from these games, you will equally come across an assortment of online slots on this site. It is just a matter of choice before deciding which game you would like to play!

To access them, you will have to sign up for an account via your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Once done, you can access the cashier to seize top offers as you deposit!

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