3 Hand Casino Hold'em
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Bet Limits: £1 - £100Max payout: £250,000Jackpot: NoPaylines: 50

3 Hand Casino Hold'em

Lucky VIP presents 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em

3 Hand Casino Hold’Em is a table poker game which comes with a few innovative features. The goal of this entertaining creation is to have a better hand than the dealers. Normally, it is played with one deck but three hands. In other words, you have three chances to win. So, ladies and gents, would you like to give it a shot? Grab your favourite device and have fun!

Designed by Play’n GO, 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em takes place on a classic poker table. There’s a soothing jazz-inspired soundtrack which accompanies your gameplay. When it comes to symbols, you won’t find any. There are only the usual Poker Card values. Launch this thrilling online game by heading to one of UK’s online casino sites – Lucky VIP Casino!

Top Features of 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em

As soon as you have placed your bet, 2 cards will be dealt face-up for each of the Active Hands. Furthermore, there will be 2 cards face down to the Dealer on 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em. It is good to note that 3 community cards are dealt face-up on the table. Now if these match any of your hands to create a pair of Aces or better, the Dealer will immediately payout your AA Bonus bet!

Once you get the Bonus bet, you must decide whether to Call or Fold on each of your Hands. If you opt to call, a Call Bet will be placed for that hand. The dealer will afterwards deal the final 2 Community Cards face-up for each of your active Hands. Plus, he will reveal his own hidden cards on 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em.  Normally, the best 5-Card Poker Hand is selected for each of your active Hands.

Are you having fun on 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em? Remember, if your hands are better than the Dealer’s Hand, you win. If it’s the contrary, the dealer wins. Now if your Hands are equal to his, it will be called a Push. In such an instance, your Call and Ante bets will be returned to you.

How to Play

Get started on 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em by placing your bet! All you must do is to place an Ante Bet on 1, 2 or all of the Hands. The values are located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You will then play with three hands for yourself rather than just one. So, you have 3 chances to beat the Dealer and become a champion. Do not forget that you can place an additional AA Bonus bet along with the Ante Bet.

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Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 97.84%