Your Guide to First-Person Table and Card Games

Online casino games have come a long way. They have evolved from rather clunky, pixelated attempted replicas of their real-life versions into slick, beautifully animated games that are a pleasure to play. While more people choose to play table and card games online every year, there have always been those who found online games just a bit too far removed from the real thing.

Many people miss the dealers and the interactions that are an integral part of the casino experience. In an effort to try to get as close to this experience as possible, technology has been used to create elements such as live-dealer games and highly realistic environments. Let’s take a look at Evolution’s First Person range, which is set to be an absolute game-changer for online casinos.

What are ‘First Person’ games from Evolution?

Designed by Evolution, the First Person range gives you the best of both worlds. It combines RNG (random number generator) technology with incredible 3D rendering and animation for a ridiculously realistic and immersive gaming experience. It also provides the option to click a “GO LIVE” button, which takes players straight into an Evolution “Live Casino” game. This means you could be playing an RNG, 3D-rendered game of blackjack and move over to live blackjack with just the click of a button.

The in-game portal that is used to transport players between the two ensures that when they swap over, they do so with the support of a user interface that’s consistent and won’t cause any break-up in play. The ease of switching between Evolution’s First Person and Live Casino games is astounding, and it’s bound to get even the most hesitant players trying their hands at both. Typically, RNG players and live casino players don’t overlap all that much, but with Evolution’s First Person range, the immersive experience is just so seamless that it’s only a matter of time before players love both versions.

Why play first-person games?

When it comes to the RNG version of the games, you can expect an experience that is the closest to a real casino feel. The camera views used in first-person games mimic real life, and your game will start off with a zoomed-out perspective and move in closer once the game is about to begin. Unlike other online games, you’ll be able to see what you normally would when you play in a land-based casino, as the camera is constantly shifting according to your movements within the game. Just like at a real casino table, you’ll also be able to dictate the pace of the game when you are playing games such as blackjack. You get to play your hand when you are ready, take a break when you need to, and generally play at the pace that you are most comfortable with. All in all, the sheer quality of the graphics and the thought that goes into the perspective of movement makes first-person games the most immersive and realistic experience that you’ll get outside a casino.

What first-person games can you play?

At Lucky VIP, we have a whole host of first-person table and card games to suit your mood. Here’s a closer look at the most popular Evolution First Person games that you can play on our site:

First Person Blackjack

You can expect all the usual blackjack bets, on top of the popular Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets with First Person Blackjack. You can place a bet on one or multiple hands: in fact, you can choose to play up to five hands per game. The 3D-animated environment and user interface allows you to move virtually between different seats if you’re playing more than one hand. You can also control the pace of the game by choosing when the cards are dealt; this makes it perfect for players of all levels to play at the pace they are most comfortable with. Of course, you can also “GO LIVE” and play live blackjack at an Evolution Live Blackjack table at just the click of a button.

First Person Baccarat

Evolution’s First Person Baccarat puts you in complete control of the game. You’ll get a choice of 12 baccarat tables: six standard and six “no-commission” tables. You can play in the magnificent Baccarat Hall or via multi-table view. You have the choice of sorting tables by roads or streaks, and you can shuffle the shoe and deal free hands to build trends on one table, or on all your tables simultaneously. As with all first-person games, this is the closest you’ll get to playing live baccarat, thanks to the incredible 3D rendering and animation. But you can always switch over to a live-dealer game if you want a little extra action.

First Person Roulette

First Person Roulette is undoubtedly the most convincing and captivating way to play online roulette. There’s a true-to-life chip stack that reflects your current available balance, which makes this game ultra-realistic. You can play at your own pace by speeding up the gameplay, or play without the pressure of a timed betting period – your choice. You get to see the entire table, as your perspective changes with each spin. There is nothing that comes closer to live roulette in an online environment than First Person Roulette. Again, you can swap over to a live-dealer game at any time of your choosing.

First Person Football Studio

This is a game that’s going to appeal to sports-betting customers, as well as the massive base of football fans that we have in the UK. First Person Football Studio is a top-banana RNG game with the usual, incredible 3D-animated environment. You’ll be dealt two cards from a shoe of eight decks, and all you’ll have to do is bet on a home or away win or draw. You’ll find yourself in an immersive, realistic football studio, where the animated backdrop will display all the essential information that you need, such as team winning streaks, live match updates, team news and more. This is an unbelievable game for football fanatics, which should keep them entertained while wagering on the game that they love.

Other first-person games at Lucky VIP

Of course, these are just some of the first-person games that you can look forward to when you play at Lucky VIP. We also have First Person Dream Catcher, First Person Lightning Roulette, First Person Craps, and First Person Dragon Tiger for you to choose from. At Lucky VIP, we are constantly working on bringing the best, immersive experiences on the market to our customers, and Evolution’s First Person games are just the start of our journey.

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/ 26 February 2021