Which Live Roulette Game Should You Choose?

With the recent popularity boom of live dealer games at online casinos, more players are making the switch from classic online casino games to the immersive and atmospheric experience that live casino games offer. Games such as live roulette bring an authentic casino “live” experience to you, whether you’re relaxing at home or on the move.

Developers across the online gambling industry have been developing their own versions of live roulette games that you can play right here at Lucky VIP. From American to European, and even French roulette, they offer players more variety and choice when it comes to what they want to play. Of course, this comes with the challenge of figuring out which game variant is the best for you! Well, don’t panic, because we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind when you’re deciding which game you want to play.

Choosing a live roulette game

It’s no wonder that roulette is one of the most popular live dealer games – it’s all about fast-paced action and having a ton of fun, so what’s not to love? New players, however, might be a bit intimidated by the vast variety that live roulette games have to offer. The good news, here, is that the game is so easy to learn; once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll have no trouble figuring out which type of roulette game suits you best. To start, you’ll need to decide whether your ideal roulette-wheel style is American or European – and for new players, what the difference entails.

American or European roulette?

There are many different presentations and styles of roulette games, but the two most popular by far are American and European roulette. Both have characteristics that help them stand out from one another, but the rules for both games are also mostly the same.

European roulette

European roulette is the most popular type of game, and most variants and themed roulette games at online casinos are based on the European roulette layout. The wheel features 37 numbered segments, including a single zero segment. One of the reasons this version of roulette is so popular with serious players is down to the slightly improved house edge you get over the American version. The single-zero European version has about half the house edge of American roulette, at about 2.7% (that’s odds of about 36/1). So if you’re a serious punter, you’d get the best odds and payouts playing live European roulette.

American roulette

American roulette is played on a wheel that has 38 numbered segments – just one more than that of European roulette. In addition to the standard 37 numbered segments with a single zero, American roulette features an additional “double zero” segment. While this might seem like a minor difference at first glance, seasoned players will know that this drastically affects the house edge. Just because the wheel is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better.

The double-zero layout of the American-style roulette wheel results in a house edge of about 5.26% (or odds of about 18/1) which, as we pointed out earlier, is almost double that of European roulette. You still have 36 numbers to place your bets on, but now you also have an extra zero segment to dodge. Despite the less favourable house edge and extra zeros to dodge, strategies that are effective in European roulette are just as effective in American roulette, so seasoned players will have no trouble applying a solid strategy to both.

Table limits and bankroll management

Like most table games, at both land-based and online casinos, live roulette can be played at a range of bet sizes, catering to players of all budgets – from the pros and high-rollers to the newbies. Bets can range from as low as 10p per spin all the way up to £5,000 (and sometimes even more). It’s important to have a budget worked out for how much you are willing to spend on each spin or bet before you take a seat at a virtual roulette table. If you plan on playing for a while but only have a few pounds to play with, you might not want to play at a high-stakes table where you’ll only be able to play one or two spins before you get to the end of your bankroll.

While lower-limit roulette games often mean smaller wins, they also mean smaller losses, which means high-rollers can stay within their limits –and allows them to play for longer. New players would be wise to try some lower-limit games to get to grips with their strategies and the game itself before taking their rightful place at the high-rollers table.

A few quick tips on live roulette etiquette

Without going into too much detail, there are a few simple tips on etiquette that new players need to know, and veteran players sometimes need to be reminded of. Live table games mostly require the same basic etiquette that any brick-and-mortar casino would at their table games, and most of it comes down to common courtesy and being respectful toward others. It is important to remember that your real-life croupier is a professional and is simply doing their job.

There is no reason to ever blame them for a bad run, or for a big loss, and this kind of behaviour is frowned upon by online casinos and the other players. Speaking of other players, always try to be as respectful and helpful towards them as possible. Remember that they are all here to have some fun, just like you. Be respectful in the live chat, both to other players and casino staff, and you’ll have a great time playing live roulette – and maybe even make some friends along the way.

Experience the best live dealer games at Lucky VIP

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of live roulette tables and how they work, it should be easy for you to find the game that’s perfect for you. Register with Lucky VIP to get casino rewards, plus access to some of the best live roulette games, as well as other exciting and popular live casino games such as live blackjack, live poker and many more. So, if you’re ready to dive in, come and try your hand at Lucky VIP - your cashback casino.

/ 26 February 2021