Tips for Playing Poker Online

Whether you’re new to the game or just new to playing poker online, knowing the rules, having a good strategy, and arriving at the table with a few tricks up your sleeve (the acceptable kind only, of course) will help set you up for a good game and hopefully some wins along the way.

Like all things, it’s best to start with the basics and build a solid foundation as you go. While it takes only a few minutes to get the gist of the game, it takes years to play like a pro. Nothing can replace experience, but with these helpful tips from Lucky VIP, you should get off to a good start.

Secure your setup

With hundreds of online casino sites to choose from, and gambling increasing in both popularity and accessibility, the first step to playing poker online is choosing a safe, reliable and trustworthy casino. So do a bit of research, read the online reviews from fellow players, and reach out to customer service to ask them any questions you might have!

Once you’ve chosen a reliable platform, make sure you have reliable access to it! This means playing from a device, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop, that’s up to date and can handle the gaming software – and that you have a stable internet connection!

Know the rules

This goes without saying, right? But it cannot be emphasised enough. While it may not apply to more experienced players, beginners should not show up at a poker table with no knowledge of the game, especially not at a live casino where there are other players at the table who have invested time and money in the game.

While we won’t go into too many specifics right now, research (whether online or in books, or speaking to experienced players) and practice are your new best friends when preparing to play for real money. Things you should know before taking a seat at an online poker table include:

  • The poker rules and basic gameplay – By the time you’re playing for real money, you don’t want to still be making sense of the basic rules. It’s best to have a firm understanding of these and be able to apply them during the game.
  • The hand rankings – Learn the 10 poker hands and know how they rank in relation to each other.
  • Table positions and pot odds – Understand how early, middle, and late positioning around the table can affect your game, as well as pot odds and how they should influence your decision making.

Minimise distractions

Creating an environment that’s conducive to concentration is as important as staying focused. At a cashback casino, players would be fully engaged with the game at hand, focused on their cards, the dealer, and the other players’ moves. When you play poker online, however, it’s easy to get interrupted by calls, noise, and conversation, and to distract yourself between hands by surfing the internet, watching television or talking on the phone.

This, however, is not a good idea as, without your full attention, you’re likely to miss vital information and make silly mistakes. It’s best to create a space where you can play uninterrupted and to let the people you share space with know that you’ll be busy. A comfortable environment will help you remain focused, and if you’ve reached the point where you can confidently handle one table while still having extra time on your hands, joining a multi-table game would be the next best way to continue to advance and grow, rather than keeping yourself busy with other things.

Begin with low stakes

Starting with low stakes is advisable for a number of reasons. First off, it enables you to familiarise yourself with playing online and managing your bankroll. This frees you up to focus on your skills, rather than stress about potentially losing money.

Second, it allows you to get a feel for the game and understand positions, learn about poker hands and how best to play them, and increase your experience.

Finally, playing at low stakes means you can control your wagers even more.

The aim here is to further your practical knowledge of playing online poker and observe as many hands as you can while losing as little money as possible in the process.

Master your bluff

As the famous “poker face” suggests, bluffing is one of the most important elements of poker – this is when you pretend you’ve got a better hand than you actually have to convince your opponents that you’re going to beat them and thus scare them off. This comes down to two things: knowing when to bluff and not bluffing too much.

Before attempting to bluff, you need to consider your position at the table, the size of your chip stack and the betting history of your hand, as well as keep a keen eye on the other players at the table. Mastering this fine art can enable you to win even when you don’t have the best hand.

Control your tilt

You’re going to tilt at some point, it’s inevitable. Tilting usually happens after a loss and leads you to make rash decisions. Controlling your tilt is an essential part of developing your poker skills. It’s important to be able to steady yourself and meet each hand anew, without letting negative thoughts or emotions get the best of you.

Something else worth mentioning here is the importance of starting your game on a good foot. This means you shouldn’t play when you’re angry, feeling down, and most definitely not when you’re under the influence of alcohol. Playing in these circumstances is almost guaranteed to make a bad situation worse. So begin each game afresh and with a clear mind.

Practise, practise, practise!

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/ 18 June 2021