The Evolution of Casino Fashion

People have been gambling for many years, but since this form of gaming started to take place at official establishments, there has been a dress code for anyone who wants to play casino games.

From three-pointed hats and masks to modern black tie – and a lot in between – fashion at gambling houses has evolved considerably over the past few hundred years. Here, we take a look at some of the major trends, leading up to the more casual dress code that applies today (especially, of course, when you play online casino games).

The history and evolution of casino fashion

People enjoy playing table games all over the world, but it’s generally accepted that the type of gaming venues that we know today as casinos began in Venice, Italy, around the 18th century. In this overview, we’ll start with historic trends in the City of Canals, move onto key fashion trends in the periods that followed, and then wrap up with the dress codes we see in today’s brick-and-mortar establishments.

Venice in the 18th century