How to Play Live-Dealer Roulette Like a Pro

 What times we live in. While the world has been in lockdown, over in the world of online casinos it’s as if the brick-and-mortar casinos are still right there, because live casino games are gaining a massive following.

Most online casinos offer some form of live roulette, live blackjack and countless other casino games. These interactive versions are live-streamed on high-spec video, and you get to play with a real person as a dealer and (in some types of games) join other other players.

Live-dealer roulette certainly adds a social side to online casino gaming. Very often these games are multiplayer, so as well as being able to interact with the live dealer, you’ll be able to talk to other players at the table via the group chat, once you’re admitted to the table..

We’re assuming you already know how to play roulette, but now that you know a bit more about what live roulette is about, here are some simple tips and strategies to help you get the most out of playing this form of the game..

Know your game

There are so many different live roulette versions being played at online casinos across the world, from traditional ones that are faithful to the original table game to excitingly fresh plays on the same theme. The choice of course, is yours. And your first task is to get to understand and know what the specific rules and betting options are for your chosen game before placing any bets.

Your live dealer will happily answer any questions you might have, but it’s worth doing your research before you take your seat at the table, because they won’t want to hold up play merely to explain the basics of playing roulette. However, it’s worth knowing that the chat can be a helpful support channel for queries about the game as well as a fun way to interact with the others playing your game (wherever they are in the world).

Another great way to get to know the many live casino variations – and help you decide what you want to play – is to practise with a few free bonus games – if you are offered them – before betting real money. Be aware that games can have very different minimum and maximum bet values, so start small, make sure you know your level and stick to it.

Bet against the odds

Statistically, the European versions of live roulette are more popular over the American versions as they offer better odds, lowering the house edge from around 2.7% in the American game, to 1.35% in the European variant (This is all down to the fact the American roulette wheel carries an extra “00” value in addition to the “0” you find on the European wheel.) Of course, it’s worth remembering that the same rules of probability apply as in traditional roulette, so the more likely you are to win will be reflected in a smaller payout – and vice versa.

Begin with your initial bets limited to even-money bets, such as “red or black”. This will let you stay in the game longer without breaking the bankroll.If you’re feeling lucky, you could focus on a band of collected numbers, such as rows or columns. Increase the odds of winning by placing smaller bets on numerous numbers, rather than placing a larger bet on one single number. Want a 1:1 or a 2:1 payout? Up your chances by betting on the outside. Always try to avoid large bets on the inside.

Don’t miss out on casino rewards

It is rare these days to find anything that comes without a price. But many online casinos reward customers for their support and loyalty with fantastic deposit bonuses and promotions. It goes without saying really, but make full use of these free gifts, cashbacks and bonuses, especially if you want to try something different free of charge. Just make sure you read the small print, because some offers come with strings attached, such as having to place a minimum deposit before you can access any winnings you’ve made from them.

Look after your(gaming)self

Remember to take frequent breaks from playing roulette online, and enjoy a breath of fresh air – it helps to keep things in perspective. Most importantly, always be mindful of your budget. We recommend that you alternate between a tactical game, such as live blackjack, and something more unpredictable like live roulette.

Myths and misconceptions

There are many theories about how to boost your winnings when playing live roulette, and every professional has their own optimal strategy for their game. There’s nothing wrong with doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions. If you want to get the most out of your game, you’ll need to debunk a few myths first. You stand to get a lot more enjoyment out of the game if you realise that most tales told are superstitious!

Many people believe, for instance, that they’ll win by sticking to one roulette betting style. This is not necessarily the most effective approach: rather, we encourage you to try different styles, and use the ones that you enjoy the most.

Another common belief is the gambler’s fallacy. That is, all previous outcomes must predict or impact the future outcomes. This is simply not true. There is always a 50% chance of the ball landing on either red or black (although that’s slightly simplified, because we mustn’t forget the added “0” in European roulette and both “0” and “00” in the American versions, which don’t pay out for either “red” or “black”!). Likewise, you’ll always have a 1 in 37 chance of the ball landing on any given number when playing live European roulette.

Other popular myths to ignore suggest that some roulette tables are potentially rigged, or that certain live dealers have a signature “rigged” throw. There is no evidence to suggest such rumours are remotely true. The best advice is to take what you read on untrusted sources with a big pinch of salt and make up your own mind instead.

Consider using a betting system

Using a mathematical method as a strategy plan is generally beneficial in the gambling world, but be aware it’s only as good as the person using it. It all depends on the depth of your wallet.

Set your limits

A key thing to remember before playing live roulette is to set and know your limits. This way you won’t be in over your head once the game begins and you won't risk exceeding your bankroll.

At the roulette table, the limits represent the minimum and maximum bets allowed in the game. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to match these limits with your bankroll. If you’re just starting out and learning how to play live dealer roulette, it’s best to begin from the smallest limits. It is the best way to avoid risking potential big losses and you can have fun while improving your confidence at the roulette table.

Don’t fall for the sucker bets

Sucker bets are the bets offered to us online which just seem too lucky to be true. They are extremely tempting, but they hugely favour the house and losing to them is inevitable. Hence the name origin.

Stick to the required etiquette

You will get a lot more value out of your experience playing live roulette if you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. It’s amazing how impeccable manners and even simple, clear communication can help to lift your spirits, giving you – and your fellow players – an energising social experience (and hopefully some good luck, too).

If you fail to meet the etiquette requirements of the game (which will be ultimately moderated by the online casino itself), you stand to be disqualified or even banned from the live casino.

Try to be courteous and friendly when you’re in a live game from the very start: it’s considered polite to greet your live dealer once you have been accepted at the table. Even if you wish to remain silent for the duration of the game, this custom is de rigeur, and will help to settle you in too. Naturally, you will also be expected to be respectful towards the dealer – and definitely avoid being rude! Even if you’ve just had a bad spin of the wheel it’s not on to snap at the dealer (or other players).

Most live dealers love to interact with players, although they don’t have time for deep conversations. They won’t necessarily be the first to initiate contact with you, but will welcome playful bantering and lighthearted jokes. Make sure to keep it professional. And when you’re talking to other players in the chat, avoid sensitive topics of conversation such as politics or religion – it’s simply not cool, and the moderator will get involved. The biggest niggle many players have is when others gloat about a win, so try to be gracious in both defeat and victory!

Protect yourself

Do not give out your personal details online in a live chat window, for example, your home address or mobile number, as other players can see this information. It’s just not worth risking it. The dealer will also not have access to this information once the table is closed, so if there is anything you want to keep after the game for posterity (maybe someone’s recommended an album), you’ll have to copy it while the game is live.

Your live dealer will aim to help you as much as possible with any questions you may have, but if you have specific questions for the online casino they may direct you to a support channel or connect you with an available supervisor.

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/ 18 March 2021