How to Set Up The Ideal Home Office Environment

Whether you run your own business from home, or you’re working remotely, it’s important to create a comfortable space in which to work: it will help you to be more productive, and should minimise any tech issues or other complications away from the office.

What’s more, all of the suggestions we’re about to give you will double up as advice on creating the perfect environment for playing live casino games!

7 tips for creating the perfect home office space

1. Create a dedicated space

Unless you already have a dedicated study in your home, you might need to convert an existing room into your new workspace. If you live in a tiny apartment, you could instead just dedicate a certain area of your living space for this purpose. Having an exclusive area for work can help you zone in during the official working day, but then be able to switch off when you leave the room, or close your laptop.

2. Choose the right equipment

Working online and gaming require similar kinds of tech equipment, so getting all of the right gadgets in place in your home office will not only make your work experience more comfortable, it will also ensure that you have exactly the right setup for playing live blackjack or live roulette.

For this reason, it’s important to source the best possible equipment, including the items listed below:


When working behind a screen all day, and playing games afterwards, you’ll want to make sure you have the best screen you can afford. Some even allow you to adjust the blue light settings downwards, which research shows can help to minimise sleep disruption. If you’re working with a laptop, it can also be very helpful to connect it to a separate, larger monitor, so that you can work between the two screens (depending on your setup, you may just need a specific cable to do this, or you might have to use a conduit device).

Wireless mouse and keyboard

To make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible for what might be long hours, getting hold of a decent wireless mouse and keyboard can make all the difference. These are also very easy to pack up and carry around. Look out for an ergonomically designed mouse that can help to prevent wrist pain and injuries, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard that can fold or roll up for ease of storage/transportation.

Ergonomic desk chair

To make sure that you’re supporting your spine properly, and not affecting your posture by sitting too long in an awkward position, it’s highly advisable to get an ergonomic desk chair (some employers supply these to their remote workers so it’s always worth checking if yours does). If you’re going to kick back and play online slots too, you’ll want to make sure that you are sitting as comfortably as possible.

You could also opt for a convertible standing desk, which allows you to sit or stand interchangeably, which at least provides some variety from staying in the same position all day!

Wireless headphones

Regardless of whether you live and work alone, it can be very helpful to have a set of wireless headphones, especially if they have a noise-cancelling feature. This can considerably reduce the amount of background noise that filters through and should help you concentrate, even if you don’t listen to music. For audiophiles, you could also consider investing in shelf speakers or a decent wireless speaker to use in this part of your home.

Adjustable lighting and clip-on devices

If your work involves making conference calls, it’s important to make sure that you have the right lighting because you need to avoid eye strain. The ideal system will allow you to adjust settings from bright to more dim light, which is also helpful when playing slot games after working hours. Some bulbs can even be adjusted using mobile apps.

For video calls specifically, you can also get clip-on lights that you can place on your screen, which can help you create a more flattering view of yourself when making a call, especially when working with clients or doing a presentation. (Tip: don’t forget to think about what’s going to be visible to all and sundry in the background of your webcam, too!)

On a more basic level, make sure that you also have the right overhead lighting, or a desk lamp, that can shed some light on what you’re doing, whether that’s crunching numbers, writing emails or playing games!

Microphones and webcams

There are few things more frustrating than being part of a video call and not being able to hear or see the other participants properly. With a dedicated microphone and a webcam, you can beef up your audiovisual setup and make sure that you can deliver a powerful presentation, and put your best foot (or face?) forward on your next video call, by sharing a crisp HD image and making sure your voice is clear. The rest is up to you!

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/ 04 August 2021