Etiquette When Playing Live Casino Games Online

Playing at online casinos presents players with so many perks – like getting to play your favourite casino games without having to get dressed in a suit or cocktail dress, for example. With the help of modern technology, the casino world can be accessed from the comfort of your home or on the go. But along with the convenience of playing casino games online comes a level of responsibility: live casino etiquette – a code of conduct that some online casinos even put in writing in their terms and conditions – is there to ensure everyone playing on live casino tables is having an enjoyable time. Bad behaviour – whether at a brick-and-mortar casino or online – is strongly discouraged.

Here are a few tips to remember when playing live casino games:

1. Know the rules

It can be extremely difficult and distracting to the live dealer and other players when someone keeps asking about the game rules during time-bound gameplay. So before you hop onto a live session, you should practise your skills on a similar RNG (random number generator) version of the game at the online casino. There is a wide variety of poker, blackjack and other table games available. These automated games will help boost your confidence the more you play.

2. Take your seat at the right table

It’s very important to know what the minimum and maximum bet requirements are at the table you intend to play at. You should know if the table fits your budget. It makes no sense to be at one you can’t afford, and it also prevents someone else from accessing that seat. There are usually various tables for all types of bankrolls, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the perfect table for you.

3. Avoid drinking too much

Yes, alcohol is allowed, but it’s best to avoid drinking too much while playing any casino games, not least live blackjack and poker. You wouldn’t want your judgement to be clouded, would you? For the best outcome of the game, a clear, sober mind is always the way to go.

4. Always listen to the dealer

In a way, one could consider this “rule number one” of live table etiquette. You should always maintain a great level of respect toward the dealer. The dealer has their own set of casino rules to adhere to.

Don’t blame the dealer

It’s also not fair to blame the dealer for the outcome of the ball spin in live roulette or for the cards you’ve been dealt in live blackjack. All dealers are trained to deal and shuffle the cards in a particular way that’s fair and transparent, as well as how to spin the roulette ball.

5. Be courteous toward other players

In live-dealer games, you’re not just up against the dealer, there are (very often) other players too. Some casino live games might have a chat room attached to them, too, and it is essential to remain respectful when interacting via the chat window. Everyone is at the table to have a good time, so you shouldn’t be the reason why someone else has a bad experience. While chatting to other players in live table games such as poker, do not reveal your cards. It’s also not casino etiquette to ask for tips from other players when it comes to their gaming techniques.

6. Don’t share personal information

To stay safe online, you should never give out any personal information, such as your personal address, real name, or phone number. In the same breath, you should never ask the dealer for their personal information; they will not give it out, as it’s against casino rules.

7. Don’t hog table space

When you’re playing games such as live blackjack, live roulette or live baccarat, it’s OK to want to sit out a few rounds. However, always be considerate of others and remember to give up your seat if you’re going to be away from the table for a long stretch of time. Usually, there are other players waiting for space and it can be frustrating to see an occupied seat that’s not actively playing.

8. Be gracious in defeat

It’s okay to feel aggravated and let down when you hit a streak of bad luck; it’s also necessary to acknowledge that it comes with the territory. As much as we’d like to win all the time, now and then we can all suffer a bad streak at the casino table. If this happens, do not rely on accusing the dealer of cheating or saying that the game is rigged. No amount of complaining will change the outcome of the game. It’s best to suck it up, learn from it and move on.

9. Using the same computer

For mere etiquette purposes, you should let the online casino operator know if you and your family or friend use the same computer but from different accounts. Even if household members are playing from different computers, but from the same location, they should not play the same game simultaneously – it’s not fair on the other players.

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/ 18 March 2021